From Photo to DVD - Preserving those Precious Memories

Improving your digital photography techniques, enhancing photos with Photoshop and creating videos with Premiere
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Take better photographs, edit photos using Adobe's Photoshop Elements and produce high quality videos and DVDs using Adobe's Premiere Elements
Understand digital photography strategies and techniques
Understand and utilize Adobe Photoshop Elements
Understand and utilize Adobe Premiere Elements
Create heirloom quality DVDs


  • The student will need a moderately powerful laptop or desktop computer. Either Mac or windows devices are acceptable.
  • The student will need a digital camera. dSLR camers are preferred but simple cell phones are certainly acceptable.
  • Students will be taught within the course how to download and install a free trial version of Adobe's Photoshop and Premiere Elements V14.
  • Students should come fully equipped with signficant intellectual curiousty as Rick will challenge you every step of the way!


“From Photo to DVD – Preserving Those Precious Memories” covers three primary topics.  First, we’ll explore some techniques and strategies for taking better digital photos.  We’ll take a moderately deep dive into portrait and landscape photography and an overview look at sports, low-light and underwater photography.  Next, we’ll explore the editing of photos using Adobe’s Photoshop Elements.  We begin simply with things like cropping, light and color adjustments.  By the time we’re finished we’ll have explored photo merges, panoramas, special effects and even creating your own images from scratch.  We conclude the course with a look at creating high quality videos and DVDs with Adobe’s Premiere Elements.  Again we start simply with things like single-threaded timelines, music, narration and transitions.  By the time we conclude you will be creating photo montages, utilizing multiple, simultaneous timelines and creating your own menus.  It should all be great fun.

The course is best suited for individuals familiar with digital photography, but seeking to improve their skills.  No prior knowledge of photo or video editing is required.  Similarly, Adobe’s Photoshop and Premiere Elements are not required.  The download and installation of the free trial versions of each of these products is described within the course.

Rick Phillips, Ph.D., the instructor for this course, describes himself as “someone who doesn’t always color within the lines.”  He is energetic and entertaining, but will likely challenge you within every section to expand your understanding and explore the world around you.  As Rick is known to say, “have some fun out there, but Keep On Learning!”

Who this course is for:

  • This course is intended for anyone wishing to improve their photography skills and then enhance those photos using Photoshop Elements. This course is very well suited for anyone wishing to create high quality videos and DVDs using Adobe's Premiere Elements.
  • This course is not well intended for professional photographers or videographers as it too elementary in nature.

Course content

16 sections16 lectures4h 4m total length
  • In this section the learner will be introduced to the content of the course.


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Rick Phillips
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I received my Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin in Visual Psychophysics with a minor in Computer Science.  I worked my entire professional career within the computer industry specializing in relational database design and large-scale international databases.

Out of school, I went to work for VeriFone the credit card processing company because they were headquartered in Hawaii and I yearned to get out of the cold of Wisconsin.  I started as employee #36.  By the time I left, they were publically traded, had thousands of employees and billions in revenue.  At the time of my departure, I was VeriFone's Database Design Manager and oversaw a technical staff of 125+.

I subsequently served as MIS Manager for Family Health International, Database Manager for A4 Health Systems, and CTO and President of Castle Worldwide.  I retired from Castle in 2014 at the age of 55.

After retirement I was searching for a great means to keep my hands in technology.  Teaching with Udemy has provided that venue.  I enjoy creating the courses and interacting with the students.  It is my new passion.  Middle aged and young people are my favorite students - seeing them better utilize their new toys and skills gives me great pleasure, such energy.

I am a huge advocate of life-long learning and love this opportunity to share that passion with others.  Remember, "keep on learning."