A Guide To Change For Everybody: Fresh Perspectives

Fresh Perspectives
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A simple approach to finding out what's next for you.
Techniques to bring fresh perspectives to your next career move.
Keeping an open mindset.
Visualization techniques to "draw a picture" of your future self.
The power of writing about what you do.


  • Only an eagerness to enact change in your life.


So, you’re planning some big change in your life, are you? There is a lot of noise out there about reinvention, transformation and the like. It would seem (with only slight exaggeration) that there are more books, podcasts, and thought pieces on the “evolutionary journey” than there are people making changes. Granted, some of it is practical information worth paying attention to, but where do you go when you’d like to be more introspective and open-minded about what you’re setting out to do?

In this course based on our popular book we offer a set of exercises that should help you see your “next thing” in a more expansive light. Starting at Your Philosophical Center we dig into the values, mission, people and associations you make along the way. Then on to Fresh Perspectives with some fun techniques founded in open-mindedness including visualization, using constraints, mind mapping, and even deja vu. Then we come back to earth with The Tactical, our most useful survival techniques for hacking through the day-to-day and having the endurance to stay standing.

We’ve built our company around a cause we really believe in, with people we trust and respect. Our hope is that the things we’ve learned along the way can help guide your next move in life or career and even help you enjoy the process.

Who this course is for:

  • Career movers
  • Budding entrepreneurs

Course content

1 section12 lectures45m total length
  • Introduction
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Meditation
    5 questions
  • Vulnerability
  • Visualize the Best Possible Outcome
    3 questions
  • Chronicling a Week in the Life of Your Endeavor
    5 questions
  • Draw Your Biggest Roadblock
    2 questions
  • When the Map Reveals a Strategic Gap
  • Map How-to
  • Facebook Live Mapping Session
  • Addendum: Navigating Change with COVID


Jeff Tidwell
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Next For Me was founded by Jeff Tidwell in 2017 to help people take career transitions in their stride.

He began his career with alternative newspapers and then moved online where he has worked in Silicon Valley and New York overseeing online communities and user experience for E*TRADE, WebMD, Oncology dot com, MarketTools, Chirp Interactive and many startups.

He has been a featured speaker at TechInclusion, Boomer Business Summit and is the author of Forbes’ “Chronicles of a 50+ Entrepreneur”, and a guest on career podcasts. He is the co-author of “Next For Me: A Guide To Change For Everybody“.