Freelance Copywriting: Write Dirty. Go Big. Start Now!
4.6 (319 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,042 students enrolled

Freelance Copywriting: Write Dirty. Go Big. Start Now!

Become a freelance copywriter without spending years learning to write!
4.6 (319 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,042 students enrolled
Created by Lex DeVille
Last updated 4/2020
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What you'll learn
  • How to become a freelance copywriter really fast with no experience, no degree, and no portfolio
  • How to be good enough to get paid for your writing without spending years learning the craft
  • How to actually make money with freelance copywriting instead action-faking
  • The MUST-KNOW basics that will help you get up and get started while avoiding all the biggest mistakes
  • You need to write good English to benefit from this course.
  • You need to write good English to become a freelance copywriter.
  • You NEED TO WRITE GOOD ENGLISH to make money with freelance copywriting.
  • You don't have to be an English major, but you have to understand the language.
  • Seriously bro, if you don't know if you should capitalize that i, then this course probably isn't for you.

WARNING: This course is NOT a comprehensive study of copywriting. It is a BEGINNER LEVEL introduction to FREELANCE copywriting. It teaches you only what you need to know to get started as fast as possible. If you are looking for a bunch of swipe files, long-form sales letters, and copywriting examples (AKA action faking) then this course is not for you. If you are looking for a simple structure to get going from scratch and make money, then keep reading...

Imagine if you could start a copywriting career this week even without experience. You just dive in, get work, and get going. You do it all without spending years learning to write or persuade. You do it without a fancy degree or portfolio. Within a week you earn your first clients and within a month you're pulling HUGE gigs. How would things change for you?

I don't know how your life would change, but I do know how my life changed. When I started freelance copywriting back in 2014, I did it with no degree, no experience, and no portfolio. Instead, I jumped into the deep end and earned work immediately. I learned on the fly, and got experience in the trenches. Then my clients told me which parts of my writing sucked, and what needed fixed. From there I made adjustments and improved.

Iteration after iteration, one project at a time, I became a global name in copywriting. I did this without any Gary Halbert challenges or hand-writing 10,000 sales letters. And I've taught thousands of other people to reproduce these results. If that's something you're interested in, then this course might be right for you.

What is Freelance Copywriting?

Freelance copywriting isn't like traditional copywriting where you have to know the in's and out's of human behavior and psychology. That's because freelance clients mainly want a good writer who can get results. As a freelance copywriter, your goal is not to be the best. You only need to be good enough to write for pay, and that's what this course will show you how to do.

What Will I Learn?

When you join this course you will learn how to get started fast with freelance copywriting. This isn't an in-depth study of copywriting techniques or tactics. It's only exactly what you need to know right now to get started this week EVEN IF you've never written a single line of copy in your life.

Inside this course, I will show you:

  • The super simple extremely fast approach I used to make money copywriting

  • How to become a freelance copywriter even if you don't have experience

  • The four types of copywriting you need to deliver great results every time

  • The biggest copywriting mistakes amateurs make that hold them back forever

  • How to find and manage clients and deliver great results every single time

What Else is Inside?

There are examples, quizzes, and useful resources to help you get a feel for different styles, projects, and things you can expect. There are also tips on how to write better, and ensure your clients get what they want. There are even book suggestions and copywriting tools for those who want to go deeper.

Who is this for?

If you've heard about freelance copywriting and want to give it a try, then this is for you. If you want an in-depth study of copywriting tactics and techniques, then this is NOT for you. But if you just want to learn enough to get started, and grow fast...then you're in the exact right place because all of my courses are designed to get you up and running as fast as humanly possible without wasting time on B.S. that never goes anywhere.

If any of that sounds like what you need, join us now.

Your Instructor,

Lex DeVille



Q - Do I need to write good English to become a freelance copywriter?

A - If you plan to write English copy, then YES. No client will hire an English copywriter when that person can't write good English.

Q - What if I don't know anything about copywriting?

A - I'll teach you the basics in this course and by the end you will know enough to get started and grow.

Q - Is it really possible to earn $100/hr within a month?

A - Yes. I earned two $100/hr clients by the end of my first month as a freelance copywriter.

Q - What is the key to success here since I don't need experience?

A - The key to success is action and a willingness to improve and grow. If you do that, you can win.

If that makes sense for you, put yourself in this course now!

Who this course is for:
  • Enroll in this course if you want to become a PAID freelance copywriter fast.
  • Enroll in this course if you want to learn to write good enough to earn money for your work.
  • Enroll in this course if you don't want to spend years studying Gary Halbert and other outdated experts.
  • Don't enroll in this course if you're looking for a comprehensive copywriting tactics guide.
  • Enroll in this course if you are smart, adaptive and ready to do what it takes to change your life.
Course content
Expand all 67 lectures 02:58:00
+ Introduction
5 lectures 08:12

In this lesson you gain access to the Customers Only Facebook Group.

How to Get Support Fast!

In this lesson we'll have a quick chat about what copywriting actually is, and I've got 2:23 that says the answer may surprise you.

Preview 02:23

A quick introduction to your instructor and the course. First we'll set expectations. Then we'll discuss how this course differs from traditional (outdated) copywriting advice and WHY that's a good thing for you.

Preview 02:42
Assignment 1 - Mentally Preparing for Freelancing Copywriting
+ A Simple Path to Start Fast!
8 lectures 14:01
How to Become a Freelance Copywriter Without Experience

In this lesson we'll cover the four main types of copywriting (plus a fifth one) that you will probably run into at some point when you become a freelance copywriter.

Preview 08:22
Direct Response Examples
Brand Copywriting Examples
Technical Copywriting Examples
Transformative Copywriting Examples
Step 2 - Learn Simple Fundamentals Before You Dive In
Step 3 - Start Writing for Pay Today!
Quiz 1
3 questions
+ The 3 Most Important Elements of Copywriting
6 lectures 15:20

This lesson describes the three most important elements of copy before we go deeper into each subject one at a time.

The 3 Most Important Elements of Copywriting

This lesson is all about getting to know your audience, and some of the methods I use to do target audience research.

Get to Know Your Audience

Here is a quick list of places I usually get info about my target audience from.

Places You Can Do Research

This lesson takes a dive into what it means to enter someone's reality, and how to do that.

Enter Their Reality

A few questions to help you enter your audience's reality and guide them in the right direction.

Questions to Help You Enter Someone's Reality

In this lesson we'll talk about what it means to guide someone in the right direction and how to do that.

Guide Them In the Right Direction
Quiz 2
3 questions
+ The Only Persuasive Tactics You Need for Now...
7 lectures 21:42
The Ability to Tell the Right Story

This lesson is just some additional thoughts on how to tell the right story.

Thoughts on Telling the Right Story

This lesson includes some thoughts on empathy, connection and how to cultivate it in your own life.

Thoughts on Connecting and Caring About Others

In this lesson we'll go over the power of authority and how to build it for yourself and your clients.

The Authority to Make Yourself and Others Look Credible

This lesson has examples of credibility markers you can drop into most copy to build authority fast.

Useful Credibility Markers to Boost Authority Fast

A lesson on toward and away-from motivation.

One Step Forward. Two Steps Back. Three Steps Forward.
Quiz 3
3 questions
+ The ONLY Stuff You Need to Know...
11 lectures 35:15
The 3 Keys You HAVE to Know About Headlines
Headline Examples
2 Stupid Simple Secrets of Fish Hook Sub-Headlines
Sub-Headline Examples
When Do You Need Sub-Headings?
How to Write Fun, Engaging Bullet Points
Bullet Point Examples
How Do I Know What CTA to Use? Oh, and WTF is a CTA?
Call to Action Examples
P.S. Statements and Do You Even Need Them?
P.S. Statement Examples
Quiz 4
3 questions
+ Write Dirty
9 lectures 25:56

In this lesson I'll give you some insights about how to make the actual writing happen.

But How Do I Actually Start Writing?

In this lesson I'll give you some useful ways to open your copy even if you don't know what to say or where to start.

Kickstarter Methods to Writing

This lesson is about figuring out your outcomes so you can set useful goals and work toward them with your copy.

What Are We Even Trying to Accomplish?

This lesson is a quick reminder about the kind of outcomes you will be working toward and what kind of copywriting is best for each type.

Writing For Your Outcomes

In this lesson we dig into the personality of your writing and how you can quickly adapt different personalities to become the person your readers need you to be.

Who Do These Freaks and Readers Need Me to Be?

This lesson is about figuring out what you're supposed to say to your audience even when you don't have a clue.

How Will I Know What to Say?

This lesson has some thoughts on how to structure your copy so you always know what goes where.

AIDA and PAS Copywriting Structures

In this lesson we'll cover some hard and fast rules to write copy that doesn't suck.

How Do I Say it So It Doesn't Suck?

Copywriting quick tips to help you get up and earning fast even if you're not a master of any particular style.

Quick Tips to Write Good Copy Fast
Quiz 5
3 questions
+ Copywriting Jobs and Examples
6 lectures 07:48
Common Copywriting Job Requests

Some examples of websites with great copywriting in different styles and layouts.

Website Copywriting Examples

Examples of product descriptions.

Product Description Examples

Examples of Sales Pages for reference.

Sales Page Examples

Blog examples that use copywriting technique.

Blog Examples (that use good copy technique)

Email copywriting examples that got results.

Email Examples
+ Client Management
11 lectures 39:20
How Will I Find Clients Who Will Pay Me?
What Should I Ask Them?
What Will They Probably Ask Me?
Setting Expectations for Working Together
How Should I Price My Copy?
What to Do When the Client Rejects Your Suggestions
Delivering a Pre-Draft
Delivering a First Draft
Delivering the Final Draft

This lesson covers the fundamentals of split-testing. What is it? Why is it important? Do you even need to do it?

Split-Testing 101

My process for split-testing copywriting.

Fast, Easy Split-Testing
Quiz 6
3 questions
+ Other Important Things to Know
4 lectures 10:22
Common Copywriting Mistakes

Here are some answers to other questions you might have about copywriting.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of my favorite copywriting tools.

My Favorite Copywriting Tools

This lesson has my recommendations for books that will help you grow as a writer and copywriter. Some are copywriting books. Others are not. All will help you improve.

Recommended Reading