How to Get free Sheet Music

Create Sheet music for any instrument; Piano, Guitar, Violin, or any instrument
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Find and create great sheet music that is specifically for you
Change files from Midi to sheet music you can print


  • Knowing how to play an instrument will help you get the most from this course
  • Access to a computer and not just a phone or tablet
  • Understanding basic computer functions ie. downloading files, loading programs, etc..


Do you ever want that perfect sheet music for your instrument but can't find it or don't want to pay for it? Here is your answer.

  This process teaches people to turn free Midi files into sheet music without any expensive software. We use finale notepad which is a professional company but a free program.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION; This course requires some COMPUTER UNDERSTANDING. (downloading files and programs, and basic use of a sheet music software) If you are uncomfortable doing these things on the computer this class is NOT for you.


Who this course is for:

  • Someone who wants an exact sheet music but doesn't want to pay for it or can't find it
  • Someone who is tired of paying for sheet music that isn't correct
  • Not for someone who needs quick easy music
  • Not for someone who isn't willing to work at getting the music they want

Course content

5 sections14 lectures37m total length
  • Introduction


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