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Manifest the life of your dreams faster than you can say "manifest"
Relax your crazy thoughts and enter the world of manifestation
Trust that you are always being guided & protected
Set intentions that actually come to life in a short period of time
Learn how to use affirmations effectively to train your mind to attract success
Bring more money into your life than you ever believed possible


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Listen, I know you have huge goals and dreams.

You’re not someone who just wants a better life.
You’re someone who wants to become 10x the best version of herself.

You’re on the edge of change.
You’re on the edge of a major life transformation.
You’re on the edge of being, doing, having anything that you could ever want.

You just need that itsy bitsy push towards your unlimited + unstoppable greatness.

And that’s why I am here to help you.

This is why this exclusive library was created for you.
These FREE resources were made just for you!


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  • Ambitious women ready to learn + grow
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4 sections • 8 lectures • 1h 39m total length
    12 questions


Founder of How To Woman - Personal Growth for Women
Genesis Moreno
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Genesis is passionate about helping women breakthrough their limiting beliefs in order to lead an empowering and purpose driven life and business.

As a mindset mentor and business strategist for ambitious and driven women that want to step into their greatness, her RAW and transparent approach sparks true transformation. -- Helping women that struggle with confidence, clarity, and direction.

Genesis, works with leaders, from established businesses to first time entrepreneurs who are ready to honor their innate gifts, talents, skills, abilities, and message. Coaching her clients on a one-to-one setting or through online courses, she's a catalyst for epic change and is extremely successful at guiding her clients manifest true alignment and a relentless mindset.

Creator of the 12 week life and business mentorship, League of Women, Genesis' no fluff step-by-step guidance helps boss ass women rise to their greatest potential and life mission/purpose.