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A step by step learning of JavaScript language from basics to advanced concepts
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JavaScript from scratch from beginners level to advanced level
Almost every concept in JavaScript from variable declarations , data types , objects , arrays, functions etc
Deep dive into Dom manipulation with examples
Covers advanced concepts like callbacks , promises , async await etc


  • No Prior knowledge of JavaScript is required
  • Basic web development knowledge is required
  • Basic understanding of HTML , CSS is required


JavaScript is the most important programming language for developing any web applications. As a front end developer you must know programming language.

Myself NAVEEN SAGGAM , I am the owner of UiBrains Technologies YouTube channel. This course is designed to help you in learning the complete JavaScript programming language. This course suits to both the beginners & professionals. This course is unique and it contains each concept with a practical example to make understand in a better manner and this will also provides you a hands on experience. All the concepts explained here are by me are the best of my knowledge and experience in the subject.

This is a step by step course in learning JavaScript Programming language. This course contains more of the practical examples on each of the topic.

This course will explains the following concepts,

What is JavaScript, why to learn JavaScript.

Environment setup for practicing JavaScript programming.

Variable declarations , rules , Data Types in JavaScript.

Operators , Conditional & Looping statements in JavaScript.

Objects , arrays , functions in JavaScript with examples.

Built-in Math , Date , Number Objects in JavaScript

JavaScript coding questions for Practice.

DOM manipulation , Events handling in JavaScript

A bunch of fun examples on DOM manipulation like Math table , Stop Watch.

Form Validations in JavaScript.

Local Storage , Session Storage in JavaScript.

Task List application , Scopes concept in JavaScript

NEW features in JavaScript Version ES6

Object Oriented JavaScript Programming Language.

setInterval() , setTimeout() , clearInterval() in Detail.

Asynchronous JavaScript , Callbacks , Promises , Async-Await concept in JavaScript.

The Real Image upload functionality in JavaScript.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner students who wants to learn JavaScript from scratch
  • For developers having basic JavaScript knowledge and wants to explore more in JavaScript
  • For everyone who wants to clear interviews on JavaScript with hands on experience


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NAVEEN SAGGAM has 10 years of Experience in various software companies like HCL , NTTDATA and Infosys. He has been implementing his passion in teaching for almost 5 years. He is the owner of UiBrains Technologies, a web development YouTube channel. He teaches any complex topic in a simple manner and can be easily understandable even to a non technical person. He teaches almost every technology of Web Development from HTML5 to front end frameworks like Angular as well as server side technologies like Node.js and Java. Invest in your time in gaining knowledge in Web Development by watching NAVEEN SAGGAM's courses.

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