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Build A Desktop Sudoku Game With Java & JavaFX
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Desktop Programming With JavaFX
Java Data Structures, Algorithms, and Best Practices
Algorithms For Solving Sudoku And Other Problems


  • Introductory Experience To Java (See my course, Working Class Java)


This tutorial is a free complementary tutorial to my course, Working Class Java. In that course, I used this Sudoku Application as a teaching tool in order to explain how to design, architect, and build Java Desktop Applications. It is highly practical in nature, and the idea is that you follow along in your own IDE with me. Even if there are concepts which do not make immediate sense to you, it is helpful to follow along. Once you are ready to learn about each topic in detail, check out the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to intermediate Java Students

Course content

3 sections • 10 lectures • 1h 34m total length
  • Introduction & Overview
  • Problem Domain Classes
  • Constants Using Enums And Static Variables
  • Application Container & Execution Point


Software Developer, Architect, and Teacher
Ryan Michael Kay
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I'm a self-taught software developer with 5+ years of experience building GUI applications, back end libraries. I spend a great deal of time teaching others via youtube and other platforms. When I'm not coding or teaching code, I am a compulsive learner; in to studying everything from physics to philosophy. Also into to healthy living by necessity (what allows me to study almost every day).

I consider myself to be very proficient with Java and Kotlin, and my specialty/biggest interest is in designing and building beautiful programs (my favourite topic is Software Architecture). Since I do not have a degree in anything except industrial dish washing, I tend to keep my explanations very practical and simple as much as possible.