Mini English Speaking Course - How to Speak English Fluently

Learn How to Speak English Fluently and Build Your Vocabulary Quickly - Learning English Speaking was Never so Easy
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You will understand why you fail to speak English fluently
You will get one of the best techniques to speak English easily
You will get the easiest technique to learn new vocabulary
The importance of grammar and vocabulary for spoken English


  • you have the basic knowledge of English language but you fail to speak English





I invite you to join the Mini English Speaking Course and start speaking English from day one.

You need a burning desire and the right direction to learn English speaking skills or any skills you want.

If you have a burning desire to speak English fluently, I will provide you with the right direction so that you can start speaking English quickly.

You might have read a couple of books, watched movies or videos, and joined a few courses to learn English speaking skills but you still struggle to speak English fluently.

For thirteen years, I have been helping job- seekers and professionals speak English fluently using a simple and proven process.

I will provide you with the same proven formula to develop English speaking skills to make you speak English easily and confidently.

If you can write English but fail to speak English confidently, this course is for you!

Course Details

Section 1: About Mini English Speaking CourseWhy You Fail to Speak English Fluently

Lecture 1: Mini English Speaking Course - Introduction

Lecture 2: Why I Understand Your Problem

Lecture 3: Course Content

Section 2: Why You Fail to Speak English Fluently

Lecture 4: The First Mistake

Lecture 5: The Second Mistake

Lecture 6: The Third Mistake

Section 3: You can Learn English Speaking Easily

Lecture 7: Start Speaking English Today - Perfection is the Second Step

Lecture 8: What is the Importance of Grammar for Spoken English

Lecture 9: Do You Need Advanced Vocabulary to Speak English

Lecture 10: The Best Technique to Speak English Fluently

Lecture 11: The Simplest Technique to Build Vocabulary

Section 4: An Invitation to Learn English Speaking Skills

Lecture 11: Attain English Speaking Mastery Easily

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals and job-seekers who have a strong desire to learn English


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Yogesh vermani
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Hi, my name is Yogesh!

When I started my career as a chartered accountant, I faced rejection from multiple companies due to poor English communication skills. Despite joining three institutes that only taught me tenses and grammar, I was frustrated and disappointed.

However,  I was selected by three companies one after another, and even by one of the top Fortune 500 companies once I was able to speak English confidently.

I help professionals and jobseekers just like you speak English fluently and confidently.

I also help them develop other career skills such as job interview preparation, professional email writing, and self-confidence so that they can face people confidently, skyrocket their career growth, and increase their earning potential.

With 14 years of experience helping others overcome similar struggles, I am constantly learning and evolving to better assist my clients.

Do you Want to…

• Speak English fluently and face people confidently so that you can excel in your career?

• Write polite, professional, and error-free emails so that you can build rapport with different stakeholders?

• Get a better job opportunity, increase your earning potential, and live a fulfilling life?

Then be sure to enroll in one of the many courses I offer here on Udemy (listed below) and I promise you won’t regret it!

Also, feel free to check out two free courses that I offer on my Udemy.

If there is any way I can help you get even a little bit closer to your dream life let me know how I can help.

I'm looking forward to your success,

- Yogesh

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