FREE DBT COURSE: Taking control with the DBT Diary Card

Tracking emotions, urges, behaviours and habits with the DBT Diary Card
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Learn about the DBT diary card
Prioritize behaviors or habits to track on the diary card
To undertake a self-assessment to reflect on possible behaviours to track on the diary card
Understand the patterns to look for when completing the diary card
To increase awareness of urges, thoughts, emotions and actions
To track DBT skills use


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This course introduces you to the DBT diary card. It may not necessarily sound that interesting, but I offer this course for free, because I believe there is so much goodness to share and I'm passionate about helping people change! I aim to show you just how much insight and awareness can be gained from filling in these Diary Cards. I take you on a guided self-reflective practice, to assess your top "target problem behaviours" and then show you all the patterns you can uncover when filling the diary cards out. The diary cards are invaluable for building awareness and insight into your emotions and urges, and then also for assisting you to implement effective behaviour change strategies. I show you how the DBT skills (or indeed any skills) can be integrated into reducing problematic behaviours so that you can break habits and create new healthy alternatives. 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
  • Individuals seeking to change habits or reduce destructive behaviours
  • People interested in tracking their thoughts, emotions and actions to observe changes
  • Anyone seeking to gain insight and awareness into behaviour patterns


Clinical Psychologist, DBT Therapist, BPD Trainer.
Dr Yvette Vardy
  • 4.3 Instructor Rating
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Dr Yvette Vardy is an enthusiastic and engaging trainer who has a knack of explaining concepts and skills in a way that just makes sense! She is a clinical psychologist with two decades of experience in Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Her work and interests have focused on the treatment of people with borderline personality disorder and those with complex issues and traumatic histories to overcome their difficulties and recover. Yvette uses evidence-based practices and is passionate about providing treatments that work, ensuring clients and students are left with very tangible and concrete ways to manage themselves and their symptoms differently. Yvette enjoys providing both individual and group therapy and maintains a private practice in Melbourne, Australia.

Additionally, Dr Yvette Vardy has established several Dialectical Behavior Therapy programs in Australia and worked as a senior educator with Spectrum, Personality Disorders Service of Victoria. She continues to train clinicians from all backgrounds to work effectively with clients diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, and she provides both individual and group supervision to clinicians seeking DBT training and support. Dr Vardy has recently published a paper on the intolerance of "aloneness" in borderline personality disorder and this paper is freely available online. After recently providing an online guest lecture series for an advanced psychotherapy course she discovered her love for online training. She is excited about embarking on this new online training adventure and hopes she can share her passion and skills with a whole new audience.

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