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Your introduction to everything cryptocurrency.
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Cryptocurrency Terminology
What A Blockchain Is & How It Works
Why Blockchain Is Such Important Technology
What Is A Bitcoin
What Are Cryptocurrencies
Brief Introduction To How Markets Work
Basics Of Candlesticks
Drawing Support & Resistance Levels
Drawing Trendlines To Help Predict Future Price Movement
How To Buy Cryptocurrencies
Exchanges To Use For Investing
Cryptocurrency Wallets
Doing Fundamental & Technical Analysis


  • A desire to learn
  • A computer, mobile phone, or tablet to watch the videos
  • Pen and paper for taking notes
  • Capability of understanding and developing your own personal risk:reward tolerance
  • Patience


This course will be your introduction to everything cryptocurrency. In just under 2hrs of FREE content I show you just how to get started in understanding and navigating the cryptocurrency industry. If you feel like an outsider but you see the financial markets tide is shifting then this is the perfect course for you.

If you like what you learned here then definitely check out my Cryptocurrency Education & Investing Master Course 2020 as there is over 10 hours of in-depth video content that will bring you from a beginner and an outsider to complete mastery of in regards to fully understanding the cryptocurrency industry, what is going on in this space, how the world is changing, and how you can capitalize on it!


Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who feels like an outsider when it comes to having a basics understanding of the cryptocurrency industry
  • Everyone who is interested in beginning to learn how to be a successful manager of their own money
  • Everyone who just doesn't understand what a "bitcoin" is
  • Everyone, of any age, who can see that the future is digital but is currently on the outside looking in
  • Everyone who feels overwhelmed by the amount of information related to the cryptocurrency industry and doesn't know where to go to get trustworthy information
  • Everyone who is skeptical of this industry and is seeking clarity before they invest


Cryptocurrency Analyst & Daytrader
Adam Jarrett
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  • 2 Courses

Short bio for Udemy:

I grew up in a poverty stricken family in a very rural town in Western North Carolina, USA. I discovered bitcoin in 2015 and dove head first down the rabbit hole learning everything I could about this industry.

It only took around two years later for me to find my forever exit from poverty and to help move my family out of the crime-ridden, drug-abusing town I grew up in.

Cryptocurrency and self-discipline changed my life.

As the story goes, I began seriously investing in cryptocurrencies in 2016. I grew my account from $6,000 to over $780,000 at it's peak during the great bull-run of 2017/2018.

By profession I am a spot & futures daytrader in the cryptocurrency industry. Trading can be tricky, especially in these highly volatile markets but volatility is where a disciplined trader thrives.

I created these courses to help others understand and capitalize on the crypto markets. I currently have a FREE Starter Course for cryptos as well as an Education & Investing Master Course for cryptos and will be soon dropping an Accelerated Cryptocurrency Trading Course to share my knowledge and technique with others.

Connect with me on Instagram @livefreeadam. Connect with me on Telegram @adamjarrett (preferred).

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