FREE COURSE: Changing your spending habits to SAVE YOU MONEY

Saving, investing, and spending. Keeping track and accounting for your personal finances.
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Students will use basic math to discover maximum savings in their everyday life


  • a thrid-grade knowledge of basic math concepts


In this FREE personal finance course, you'll use basic math to realize exactly how much money your spending habits are costing you. Knowing this number is the first step in creating healthier habits.

Each lesson in this course comes with its own custom spreadsheet for you to plug in your own personal numbers to see how much money you can save by modifying a few simple habits.


-Discover exactly how much you spend by driving one mile or kilometre.

-Hack the system by avoiding local sales tax

-Realize that a 2% savings account is actually more dangerous than the stock market

-Learn how much money you're spending on coffee every year

-See how much money you can save by selling your car tomorrow

-Find out how much money you save by making cocktails at home

-Discover how much money you spend on haircuts every year

-Build your own home gym to save thousands of dollars.

-Purchase your own washer / dryer to save you money

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone willing to change a few basic habits to save a lot of money

Course content

5 sections11 lectures1h 55m total length
  • How much it costs to drive 1 mile or kilometre
  • Discover savings from alternative transportation


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