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Understand the basic concepts of computers and overview of Windows 10 operative system.
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Learn the basics of the physical components (hardware and software)
Understand and troubleshooting network connectivity using the comand line
Troubleshoot common computers issues


  • A computer or laptop with connection to Internet
  • No previous IT knowledge is required. I will explain everything from scratch.


Do you feel technology is too advanced to start learning? Do you think technology is just for young generations? If I responded any of these questions, I would recommned you to enroll in this FREE course to learn and understand the basics of computer literacy 101.

Hi, my name is Joaquin Pujols, and I have 16+ years of experience in the IT world. Plus, 7 additional years teaching technology to young and adults students all across the globe. This is my first course in Udemy. I will do my best to respond all your questions and provide additional material to help you enforce your new skills.

In this course, I will show you the difference between hardware and software components and explain you the relationships between both.

You will learn how to create folders, subdirectories and files. Later, you will learn how to explore the user profiles folder and a brief introduction to the command line. The command line will help you to detect network connectivity issues if you are either connected on Wireless or hard wire to your modem/router. This seems to be challenging but I will be here to help you understand these complex topics.

Start today and don't miss the opportunity of learning new skills. Age is just a number. We will be taking this class together. Happy learning.

Who this course is for:

  • Fresh IT graduate students
  • Non-technical users with no IT experience


Technology Lover | Infrastructure Engineer | DevOps | AWS
Joaquin Pujols
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Welcome, my name is Joaquin Pujols, founder, and CEO of ImLearningTech. Technology is my passion and I love teaching valuable skills to everyone who is willing to learn and improve their IT skills. My goal is to help you understand easily complex IT concepts. I am here to assist you to achieve your professional goals and objectives. All my courses are structured to go from the foundation to advance terminologies step by step. Upon completion of my courses, you will be exposed to comprehensive hands-on material, and gain substantial real-world experience, enhance your productivity at the workplace, and the most important, improve your career.

Over the last 17 years, I have acquired substantial IT skills and recognitions at the workplace that allow me to provide you an exceptional learning experience. Some of my certifications and technical boot camps are (AWS Developer, Linux, Infrastructure as a Code (Terraform), Version Control, Jira, CCNA, CCNA-Voice, CCNA Wireless, CCNA Security, CCNP, MCT, Splunk, and many more -- including a DevOps master which enable me to teach a variety of powerful courses from IT to development and automation courses.

Here are some of my current certifications:

- AWS Solutions Architect

- Azure Security Engineer

- Azure System Administrator

- Azure Fundamentals

Plus 5 years of experience providing technical training and support using AWS, Networking, Linux, Cybersecurity, Azure, Google Cloud, Python, SQL, Puppet, Chef, VMware, NetApp, Scripting, Data Science, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, and Infrastructure in general.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineer building AWS pipelines using Code Commit and OpsWorks.

Working knowledge of Machine Learning, Data Science, application migration to clouds, project management, SCCM, and infrastructure automation.

I know the flavors of working with developers and operation teams. I know your struggles on the IT road, but I am here to help you to break those obstacles. My goal throughout this series of courses is to break complex topics into small pieces of data, easier to digest, and you would be able to remember it.

If you feel uncomfortable with some topics feel free to send me a message and we will go over it. I will go up and down responding to all your questions and providing enough hands-on labs in order to help understand the classes. I believe great IT training is acquired by practicing, seeing new errors, trying new configurations, documentation, testing, and implementing. We will practice a lot during the courses. Hope you enjoy it.

I currently work at the MTA, a major transportation company in NYC, providing and resolving complex IT issues in hardware, to the maintenance of network, systems, and application development.

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