Cocktail Mastery: Mojito, Margarita, Martini Recipe & More

Master the world's 3 most popular cocktails with these comprehensive over-the-shoulder cocktail creation videos
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Make the world's three most popular cocktails better than any cocktail bar using time-tested recipes and methods
Talk about the history of these cocktails
Make similar but different drinks using simple substitutions
Create the two different variations of the popular margarita


  • No previous experience or knowledge required
  • You'll need basic bar tools such as a jigger, shaker tin, muddler and bar spoon


Our goal with this course was to cover every aspect of each of the three cocktails - the margarita, martini and mojito - from the origin of the cocktails to mastering the creation of each cocktail.  We’ve included “talking points” videos as well as the over-the-shoulder cocktail creation videos so that you can learn interesting tidbits of information about each of these popular cocktails.  

We chose over-the-shoulder type videos as we wanted you to be able to learn and see the creation of the cocktails from the bartender’s perspective.  Each of the drink videos also contains a narrative where we go into further detail about each step of the drink making process, the choice of alcohol, presentation, garnishes etc.

If you’ve ordered the same cocktail in more than a few bars, you’re likely aware that different bars / bartenders make the same cocktail differently.  Depending on which bar you go to and which bartender serves you, the ingredients of a cocktail can actually vary quite a bit.  Some cocktails, like the margarita, for example, can have two completely different recipes depending on whether you use fresh ingredients or not.  This is the reason that this course contains two videos for the Margarita - one traditional and one quick and dirty version.  

In addition to the cocktail creation and talking points videos, we have also included two videos walking you through the various styles of pouring.  Mastering pouring and cutting will ensure that you look like a pro while you’re creating these cocktail classics.

Don’t let the price tag of this course fool you!  You will find real value in these videos and whether you’re just starting out bartending, have tons of experience or are just looking to learn how to make some cool cocktails, you won’t find a more well-rounded cocktail course.

Who this course is for:

  • Home bar enthusiasts who want to raise their game
  • Party / event hosts who want to create an enhanced experience through better cocktails
  • New bartenders or bartenders with little cocktail experience looking to up their cocktail game
  • Experienced or professional bartenders who want to consolidate what they already know, get another perspective on these drinks, and learn about other styles and techniques of how these drinks can be made and served


Veteran Bar Consultant, Bar Blogger & Bar Marketing Maven
Reese Richards
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My name's Reese Richards and I'm the founder of BarsandBartending [dot] com.  I started in the bar industry as a bartender back in 1992 at the age of 18.  Since that time, I've been in almost every role in the industry - from bartending to managing to consulting and eventually ownership (and now back to consulting). 

Today I focus most of my attention on my small business clients - helping them get more customers - and on my bartending website.  In addition to the hundreds upon hundreds of pages of content, the Bars and Bartending brand includes a Youtube channel with more than 2 million views, a Facebook page with 7,500 fans as well as profiles on Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.  With 50,000 monthly visitors, the site is the go-to resource for anything bar or bartending related. 

As an experienced bar consultant and online marketer, I am able to bring a lot of insight to the bar industry table, pulling from both my bar and my marketing experience.  

You can expect our courses to always provide massive value and always over-deliver.  We work hard to provide our students with the materials they need to succeed - whether that's creating the perfect martini, writing the best bartender resume you can or setting up a Facebook contest to promote your newest menu item.

Joining in on camera are Kyle Guilfoyle and Nate Caudle - professional mixologists of 12 years who have worked in many of the top cocktail bars in Canada. Nate is also the co-author of the book Cocktail Culture.  

Coming from different backgrounds – Reese from fast-paced pubs and clubs and Kyle and Nate from high-end cocktail bars – gives them unique and differing perspectives on cocktail creation and bartender training. 

Our courses combine a unique mix of bartending skills, experience and cocktail knowledge coupled with high end video production which results in courses that are fun to watch while still covering everything you need to know (and more!) about a particular subject or cocktail. 

I sincerely hope you have as much fun learning as we do creating these courses.   



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