Advanced class : What is the 1 thing to do after any course?

UPCOMING tools and the previous course act as tool box to certainly exercise any method any technique of any course.
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How to and what to dowith the learnings of the course
New and imapctful strategies to use different learnings and apply them
Apply micro habits into daily life circumstances
Find how to use the various methods or challenges to identify hidden opportunities.
On completion of this training, you will understand how to identify the core values that motivate people to do the things they do in life.
Pre-empt difficult situations and stop them from escalating
Identify & overcome limiting beliefs & destructive attitudes Help people grow in maturity, decisiveness and responsibility. Master your mindset & revolutionise your interpersonal skills.


  • No prior knowledge of Life Coaching is required to enrol in this course - making it ideal for those who are new to exploring this exciting helping discipline!
  • Many self-reflective ideas are presented throughout the course, and as such students are encouraged to take notes (this is for self-reflection only and isn't required for submission).
  • Just your notebook , even your gadget would do.
  • Make use of any tool you have found over internet.
  • Make records.


Now as you know there are a lot of courses available while nobody tells you what to do after the class.

The only subject which has to be a  one-stop solution under the sun to practice anything you always wanted to but never applied yet.

       The power of exercising the values of targets to accomplish and work with particular energy is here.

  • Here we will learn about the ways you really need to see how you can add something easily into your daily activity and which one would go to the next month.

  • Step by step you get to know about what to really apply to daily life and what to leave off. This small course can really remove what's not of much use.

  • Let's identify what's neglected while needs to be taken care of.


  • Any course you find on the internet or whichever course you always wanted to try but never gave a try.

  • Now it's your turn to believe and start catching the low hanging fruits and see what can be done easily to get off the comfort zone.

  • Try this with any course you have, any book of principles, and any of the studies by a coach.


Make sure you complete the exercise explained in the previous lesson and then you are permitted to jump into the next lesson.

You can jump to the next lesson once you complete the previous lesson.

Who this course is for:

  • People who need to tackle pre-empt difficult situations and stop them from escalating
  • People who are bothered about subject matter that gives us profound insights into understanding the human experience
  • Teachers, medical professionals, physical trainers, parents, psychologists, social workers, leadership teams, professional helpers, HR professionals, public speakers, and even more.


Coach of mental models, explorer of habits and action
Deepanshu Biswal
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Honestly, there has been quite a journey, while it feels it has just begun.

           Hi, I am Deepanshu Biswal with having continuous and ongoing research on emotional intelligence around successful companies, startups, entrepreneurs since late 2014. In 2018, we made a successful project on India's first EAAT with the help of eight different pillars out of 126 personality traits in coherence with ongoing years and years of IIM Kolkata research and faculties and other universities. The traits were Emotional intelligence, team making, Holistic approach, disruption, technology, decision making, among others. With testing the abilities of thousands of students there, now testing further ongoing exploration. Helped many parents with concerning decisions of their loved ones.

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