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How To Outsell Your Competition
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How to outsell your competition
Basics of how to brand yourself
Creating your customer avatar to you can attract your ideal clients
How to increase sales
How to stand out in your brand
How to bring personality into your brand
How to attract your ideal clients
Your customers journey
How to brand yourself to start attracting more leads
How to generate massive leads using a formula that allowed us to quit our fulltime jobs in 4 months


  • You must have an open mind to learn and apply new skills


A lot of people struggle with outselling their competition and this impacts their sales. Learn the secrets of how we were able to quit our fulltime job in less than 4 months by building our brand. Branding yourself as a business owner is required for anyone who wants to outsell your competition so you can increase your sales

Three reasons to take this course:

1. Branding is more than just colours and fonts! Learn the real secrets behind branding for FREE

2. The strategies we have included we have tested in a variety of different fields. From photographers, coaches to authors, we have seen huge success with connecting with people online using these methods.

3. We were able to quit our fulltime jobs in 4 months!

In this course you learn the basics of how to brand yourself (more than just picking colours). We have helped over 4,400 people from over 127 different countries! There is so much to learn with branding, so we picked our top advice to share with you to help you outsell your competition so you can live your life's purpose and goals.

Take action toward creating your dream life! Learn how to brand yourself so you can increase sales and leads.

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Who this course is for:

  • Solopreneurs looking to grow their online business through branding
  • People who are struggling to outsell their competition
  • Online businesses who are struggling with sales and want to set themselves apart

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  • Introduction


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Hi there, it’s Stefanie and Chelsea! We are the Co-Founders of CS Planners.

We are on a mission to heal your mind and soul so you can build confidence and become authentically yourself.

After Stefanie lost her son and shocked doctors by having a healthy daughter after being told she can’t have kids, we want to inspire people that the impossible is possible. What you think is a hard or challenging situation is possible, you just have to believe and take action.

Chelsea lost her identity after her concussions and was told she shouldn’t go to university but beat the odds when she graduated with everyone else. She now inspires people around the world to build confidence, heal their past and become their authentic selves.