How To Build A Brand On Social Media! (2018)
4.3 (630 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,936 students enrolled

How To Build A Brand On Social Media! (2018)

Today's tips for content that connects (and what to avoid)!!
4.3 (630 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,936 students enrolled
Created by Everett Bowes
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What you'll learn
  • Know why **most social media marketers are unsuccessful**!
  • Build a brand on social media.
  • Create a social media feed that gets noticed and generates likes.
  • Know what to post on social media.
  • Create a "messaging mix" and attractive "everyday content".
  • Write a successful social media profile that serves as a content guide for your posts.
  • Understand two key Follower strategies for social media.
  • Understand the importance of outbound engagement.
  • No prior experience or knowledge necessary.
  • Familiarity with Facebook and Instagram are helpful, but not required.
  • Familiarity with the general terms of social media platforms is helpful.

Learn the typical “social media account killers” and how to avoid them!!

This course is not a hashtag-strategy guide! This course is all about creating the content, profile, and messaging you need to stand out, connect, and engage!

In 2017 Instagram admitted "hashtags are broken”, so if you’re relying on hashtags to build your brand or gain income-producing followers you will need a new strategy!

This course breaks down keys for success into simple, memorable, actionable steps.

  • Learn why some of your posts get a fraction of your normal engagement.
  • Learn why other people get consistently more engagement than you.
  • Learn why Facebook and Instagram may not be sharing your posts with your Followers. 
  • Learn why you might not be gaining new Followers steadily and what you can do to reverse it.
  • Learn how the algorithm plays such a big role in the success of your posts, your feed, and your brand.

To breakthrough in social media you need engaging "everyday content”. That’s the focus of this course.  Learn how to create a feed that builds trust and makes connections through consistent, everyday content and engagement.


I love engaging with my active students. Have a question about a concept in the course? Ask me! Unsure how to apply one of my principles to your brand’s feed? Ask me! I am eager to help you beyond the lessons found here!

This course gives you the tools you need to build a social media feed that connects!


Who this course is for:
  • Social media marketers.
  • Anyone engaged in social selling.
  • Anyone building a brand on social media.
  • Anyone building a personal brands in social media.
  • Anyone involved in direct sales through social media.
  • Affiliate marketing on social media
  • Influencer marketing on social media
  • Anyone promoting a small business through social media
  • Anyone promoting a service company on social media
  • Content marketers.
  • Content creators.
  • Social media managers.
  • Brand strategists.
Course content
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+ Introduction
4 lectures 14:21


  • I don't review, or preview in each video (in order to maximize your time)
  • I move quickly (trying to keep the videos short in length). you may want to pause, rewind, or even re-watch a video
  • Write it down! "What gets measured gets done!"
  • Simple advice
  • Duh! when you hear the advice it might sound so simple and obvious but few people rarely do it, or DO ALL OF IT!
  • Practical tips
  • Not about gaming the system hacking the algorithm (which also risks your account status)
  • We focus on How to make great content and engagement
  • Ask questions! I will try to provide ways for you to reach me, or reach a community group of people that are ready and willing to help!
  • Social media changes quickly!!!!! will try to provide updates to all teaching as the landscape and steps for success change)
  • There are exceptions to everything! this teaching series can’t cover every possible tweak. these are general rules for success.
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  • building brand awareness
  • building an online presence
  • building personal brands
  • influencer marketers
  • affiliate marketers
  • direct sales/MLM


  • build brand awareness
  • position yourself for selling products/services,
  • drive traffic (online or offline)
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  1. CONNECTION (people you already know)
  2. DISCOVERY (new connections)
  3. SHARING (especially on FB, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest)
  • Social platforms want to be inseparable part of our life! 
  • Every step of the way they encourage more connection, discovery and sharing 
  • KEY: Platforms were not monetized!



  1. Connection (family & friends)
  2. Discovery (new friends, brands, ideas/content)
  3. Sharing (who doesn’t love sharing videos, memes, jokes, inspiration, etc)



People reject interruption based ads!

  • Interruption-based ads are ALL UNWANTED, UNREQUESTED ads 
  • Social platforms fiercely protect their idea of the optimum user experience
  • Platforms balance two major feats:
    • serving you content, and adding features that help you Connect, Discover, Share more
    • and to serve you targeted ads
  • Ads that are not relevant will hurt the overall user experience
  • Social platforms serve you targeted ads and make serious money doing it
  • They do not have sign up fees… This is the only way they make money

If your feed feels more like a series of ads you are doing two things that go directly against the wishes of the platform owners:

  1. you are disturbing the user experience, and 
  2. you are making money from your own ads (money that they do not get a cut of)

PLATFORM OWNERS do not want marketers to ruin their social media experience, and they do not want people making money off their platform if they are not getting a fee for facilitating it.

  • Steps the platforms are currently taking:
    • Reducing the reach of your non-boosted posts
    • Removing your posts
    • Shutting down accounts (due to violating their user agreement)


  • Your social media is a business tool! But it just can't look or feel like one without running the risk of reducing the reach of your posts, having posts removed, or getting your account shut down
  • Facebook admits that they already are severely reducing the reach of "organic posts”.... that's a fancy term for “posts you are not paying us to put in the feeds of others”….
  • this is why the key to building a brand on social media rests in your ability to NOT feel like you are not an unwanted interruption
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+ Profile Setup
6 lectures 19:10


  • I will repeat those two phrases many, many times
  • It all boils down to these vital two steps
  • It’s that simple
  • You can even stop the videos now… you’re done.
  • What you’ll see is these two keys are the filter for everything in this course.


  • REVEAL your story, over time.
  • Want you to think of your social media as if it’s a story
  • Each post is like a new page, or a new chapter in your “book” about you/your brand
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TRUST POINT #1: your pic is the first step in building trust and making a connection

  • Attractive (magnetic, approachable)
  • Welcoming
  • Relatable!
  • Did the picture build trust
  • Bright (too dark and you can’t see it)
  • Logo: if you are clearly a business it might be ok to use your logo… but even then I want to challenge you to think about using a picture of a person
  • People connect with people not with objects and things
  • “Big face”—- easier to connect with, especially since the pic is so small (on a phone)
  • one person (almost always) …. I need to connect with the person that this account is about.
  • often dialing in the profile picture is overlooked

Your profile picture is you “book cover”. It’s a clue as to what’s inside 

Give me enough of a reason to “want to take your book off the shelf”

Trust & Connection: Your Profile Picture


  • Not as applicable on Facebook, but it’s important on Instagram
  • Your handle is your first TRUST test that you must pass!!!!!
  • Some handles are too creative to connect
  • the handle is your first clue as to the content you should expect from the account
  • If the Content of your Feed does not match your Handle you will lose trust
  • It’s your first step in BUILDING TRUST and MAKING A CONNECTION
  • Some people will clever-their-way into losing trust (by being too clever, crazy, or creative)
  • Some people will inadvertently lose trust by not thinking through their choice in a handle
  • Pick a handle that gives a clue what your account will be about
  • Make it memorable
  • Easy to understand
  • Make sure it’s a handle I can easily tell others
Trust & Connection: Your Handle

Great Content Starts With Your Bio


  • If it’s not related to your bio, don’t post it
  • Dial-in your message and story using your bio
  • There needs to be some variety, but also a sense of story consistency
  • When you stick to it, and don’t deviate from it, it makes your message more clear, understandable, repeatable, powerful, predictable, anticipated
Trust & Connection: Your Profile (Bio)

Followers and "Follower Ratio"

  • The number of Followers you have has a big impact on your ability to gain new Followers
  • # of followers is possibly one of the first things a prospective follower looks at!
  • Follower-To-Following ratio
    • It’s not just the # of followers…. it’s the # of followers IN RELATION to how many you are following back
    • Like a recipe that calls for ingredients in PROPORTION to everything else…. the ratio is important.
  • I feel we are beginning to see a backlash against people with large Follower numbers, but not following many back
  • The feelings associated with being unfollowed (even from big accounts) is almost depressing
  • A large Follower-to-Following ratio signals that you will not continue to follow back
  • Having the ratio out of balance is beginning to not be helpful for account holders
  • The algorithm-based feeds mean your posts reach a fraction of your Followers (especially if you are not mutually engaging with Followers)
  • Relative parity is the key…
    • It signals “you are interested in me”
Trust & Connection: Your Followers & Follower-Ratio

TRUST POINT : Number of Posts

  • I call this the legitimacy test
  • what is your threshold for legitimacy?
  • my threshold right now is 100…. but it might increase over time.
  • A lack of posts makes me wonder if I can trust you
  • A lot of new accounts right now that are clearly fake
  • For the most part those accounts do not help you!
  • Get your account to over 100 posts as soon as possible
  • Do it before you have a big follower base!
  • It’s tied for third most important part of building trust!
Legitimacy Test: Your Number of Posts
+ Content Guide
8 lectures 26:14

Your content is the 3rd level of trust, and the most important part of connecting.


  • this is key for all brands
  • CONTENT: people should know what you posted before posting it
  • STYLE is predictable
  • Your posting FREQUENCY: 
  • you want people to anticipate your posts
  • you want your followers to tag you when they find your elements elsewhere
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  • A Signature Style (Branded Look) is predictable
  • Followers should know it’s you just by seeing the post, not your name
  • A signature style unlocks big success
  • Brightness: our eyes are attracted to brightness, so post bright pictures
  • Thumb-stopping (cause for pause)
  • Contrast; a little “pop”
  • Use a filter (in Instagram)… I think it might help reach (i know, it’s crazy)
    • Turn it all the way down, if you want to
  • Optimize for skin (exposure, color, etc)
  • Your Followers should not be able to say what filter you used. (It should be subtle)
Content Guide: Your Signature Style


  • Ratio: a messaging mix
  • Like cooking, there is a recipe.... a mix of ingredients that make the meal just right. Too much salt, or too much pepper totally changes the end result. In fact, if get the ingredients wrong and you might ruin the meal.
  • a lot of times when people are trying to build a brand on social media, all they post about is their product/service



When you do this right there is a SYNERGY or compounding effect

  • compounding is 1 + 1 = 3



  • INSPIRE (An uncommon perspective on a very common experience)
  • RETAIN (not just retaining Followers, but retains engagement)


  • No matter how much you love a product people generally don’t want to follow a feed that is simply a product promotion feed.


  • We place too much emphasis on things that are unintended because we have not planned our posts, or running too fast and reaction-posting. 
  • Determine what's important to your messaging, determine how much time you want to invest in covering each point, and evaluate to make sure you are on track
  • Tools for planning posts can be found at the end of this course

Your bio is your guide. When you don’t know what to post go back to your bio!

Content Guide: Your Messaging Mix


Let your bio be your guide.

  • If it’s not related to your bio, don’t post it
  • Dial-in your message and story using your bio
  • There needs to be some variety, but also a sense of story consistency
  • When you stick to it, and don’t deviate from it, it makes your message more clear, understandable, repeatable, powerful, predictable, anticipated
Great Content Starts With Your Bio
  • length (will be truncated). I TRY to keep all non-story posts fit without truncatio
  • your potentials typically are reading every word! 
  • write with Emojis IN MIND… even if you don’t use them
  • Using emoji’s… think it through.
  • don’t inform… use emotion
  • Be RELATABLE….. keep in mind that emotions are relatable even if experiences are not
  • INSPIRE- an uncommon perspective on a very common experience
    • people buy based on emotion, not information
    • emotion connects in ways that information can’t
    • Don’t tell me what you’re doing. tell me what you feel about what you’re doing…
    • don’t show a picture of the new Peppermint Bark Latte from Starbucks. Instead, show how much you love peppermint, or how you set your calendar to the date that these come back, and so on. show your candy cane striped sweaters, show your red stockings….
    • don’t show Cinderella’s castle… show me how excited you are to be at the Castle!
  • GRAMMAR (trust)
The Key To Writing Captions That Connect
  • the three most important things you can post are people, people, peopl
  • don’t connect with objects and things
  • yes, I know you can have an entire feed on food, or travel…. objects. but the average person can’t build organically that way
  • add people… someone to connect with
  • look at your posts’ engagement. I can promise you that engagement is lower on object posts
The 3 Most Important Things You Need To Post


  • One way improve your social media account is to feature more smiles
  • The power of a smile is amazing, and yet, so many people neglect to do it.
  • Dale Carnegie said, “the expression one wears on one’s face is far more important than the clothes one wears on one’s back.” 
  • USA TODAY poll: when you first meet someone what’s the first thing you notice?” 47% of people say the first thing people notice is your smile. then it’s eyes, clothes, hair… yet, think about how much time someone may devote to perfecting their hair and clothes for a selfie, but forget to smile
  • Smiles are contagious: when you smile others smile
  • It’s hard to frown when looking at someone who is smiling
  • smiles send feelings: audiences feel what the smiler was feeling
  • smiling makes people feel better
  • Not just any smile will work: REAL VS FAKE SMILES… TWO DIFFERENT MUSCLESresponsible for making a smile
    • Corner smile
    • Eye smile
    • If you are not smiling with your eyes your Followers sense it is not sincere.
    • Women are better at detecting real vs fake smiles.
  • “A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside.” ~ Denis Waitley
  • why smile? because Smiles connect!
TheKey For Attraction, Connection, and Inspiration


  • excitement connects
  • depending on the brand you’re building you may have to really dial-in the excitement
  • A few brands (like fashion/lifestyle bloggers) may be able to get away with a little less excitement compared to people selling makeup, life coaching, supplements, weight loss, fitness coaching, etc
  • if you’re not over-the-moon excited about it then don’t expect your audience to be
  • You need to own it! you need to buy into you before anyone else will
  • I like to think of it like there is a “buying threshold”... a boiling point for purchase-making. a level of excitement that no one buys until that threshold is exceeded
  • like boiling point of water…. 211 degrees is just hot water
  • to get water to boil the fire is MUCH hotter than 212; YOU have to be much hotter!
  • Think of some of the infomercials that are still etched in your mind: Tony from ShamWow, or Billie Mays and OxyClean
  • your passion must be high enough to cause them to boil over!
The "Boiling Point" for Connection
+ Strategy
6 lectures 17:21
  • This is especially applicable to influencers, social sellers, brand builders
  • my wife always coaches her team to “make a friend first”
  • people do not sign up for social media to be pitched products
  • they sign in to Connect, Discover, Share
  • your focus must be on making a connection/relationship
  • People rarely go from “stranger to customer” without becoming a friend first
  • Friendship is such an influential tool. who do we trust more? A “5 star rating” on amazon or a word of mouth suggestion from a friend?

Strive for "Conversation" not "Conversion"

Sales/retail: "Conversion". Basically, it just means "turning a prospect into a sale”.


Instead, social media success is completely dependent on MAKING CONVERSATIONS/RELATIONSHIPS, not conversions.

In a retail store people who walk in are already signaling that they are "ready to buy", or at least open to a "pitch". But social media is completely different.

  • Following an account is not really a signal for buying interest
  • Liking a post is not a signal for buying interest
  • A lot of people get this wrong! they start messaging you the second you start to follow. or as soon as you Like.
  • it closes more doors than it opens. (be patient!)


Preview 02:22


  • The social platforms feel they are experts in knowing what you actually want to see
  • we don’t see everything that is posted by the people we follow….
  • on Facebook the algorithm shows you what the public has deemed popular
  • on Instagram the algorithm shows you what YOU interact with most often
  • the better your content, the better your reach
  • if you focus on products/objects I believe statistics show the platforms will serve it less (so you have to pay for it)
  • the platforms know when you’re posting products versus people…. and they know people posts are a much better user experience (have to pay to get product posts out there)
  • the more YOU engage with others, the better your reach
Understanding the Impact of The Algorithm


A “Target Follower” is the ideal person YOU are trying to reach.

  • the goal is not to have a large following
  • people who will connect , trust, & relate with you
  • income producing potentials
  • RISK: too many followers may sat “you won’t engage with me” or you won’t care about me”
  • RISK: too many followers may say “you’re not a real person”… you’re a celebrity or a business…
  • it’s up to you to decide if you want to manage your followers, where you block and drop non-target followers or not… this lesson is more about who you want to seek out to follow.
  • your followers want to know you are just as interested in them, as they are in you… so don’t get too many followers
2 Key Follower Strategies

Here is a blog post with quotes from Instagram acknowledging that hashtags are "broken" and they do not intend to fix it. In the same article they quote Instagrammers to focus on great content, and great engagemen

Why Your Hashtag Strategy Is Not Working
Strategy: Business or Personal Accounts
Strategy: Public or Private Accounts
+ Brand Building
8 lectures 19:31


  • Use social media as a second level connection
  • It’s a legitimizer
  • this serves as proof that you are who you say you are
  • new followers can see other people interacting with you (you’re not crazy!)
  • it establishes a deeper relationship
  • those extended relationships are a lot harder to walk away from!
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Tell Your Potentials What To Do
How Often Do You Show Your Product?
Show What Your Products Enable You To Do
When NOT TO Send A Direct Message
The Importance of Inbound Engagement
The Secret of Outbound Engagement
Tracking Your Potentials
+ Closing
2 lectures 09:39

With so much uncertainty surrounding shadow bans, hashtags, and engagement drops on Instagram let's take a 30,000 foot view of what's going on, and what this means going forward.

Factors that impact Reach:

In our opinion, each of these factors signal to Instagram that your account is intended for business, and not a "regular account" (and therefore subject to a limited Reach per post):

  • Relatively few posts in light of a high number of Followers
  • High number of Followers in light of number of people you are following back
  • High concentration of hashtag usage (per post and overall)
  • More "object posts" in comparison to "people posts"
Hashtag update and the importance of "Connect. Discover. Share."