Physics - Foundation Course on Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics: Concept of Steady Flow
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What is mechanics involved with respect to fluids, Pascals and Archimedes Principles, Equation of Continuity, Bernoullis equation, speed of efflux,Torricellis law, Venturimeter.


  • Fundamentals of Mechanics


The Objective of the course is to conceptual learning about Fluid Mechanics. Students will be benefitted by learning about fluids, density, pressure, Pascals Law, how to measure pressure, what is atmospheric pressure, how mechanics changes from solids in respect of liquids and air, how liquids are different from air, idea of compressibility, What is Pascals Principle and how it is useful in finding out the pressure and what is Hydraulic machine, important principle of Archimedes, derivations of equation of continuity and Bernoullis equation and its applications, speed of efflux, what is torricellis law, What is venturimeter and how it is used to find the velocity of fluid with illustration of formula derivation etc.

Pictorial representation of IDEAI fluid, streamlines, concepts of steady flow, non-viscous flow, incompressible flow and irrotational flow is hallmark of the video content.

This course is very exhaustive but I have tried to make it as condensed as possible.

The target students for this course as AP Physics exam, Sat Physics, CBSE Class XI students, ISC exam, various State Boards in India, JEE Mains and Advanced competition, Bitsat and Engineering entrance exams.

This course I have formulated referring various books and I have tried to make this interesting as well as meaningful.

Who this course is for:

  • AP Physics, CBSE, ISC, JEE Mains and Advanced, SAT Physics, State Board students


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A B.Tech. Graduate in Civil Engineering from NIT Calicut, Physics is my Passion and have delivered at least 50 hours of crisp video content pertaining to Physics subject of college level on Youtube GURUJI ONLINE channel. Problem Solving and Clearing doubts is my forte. Conceptual learning is something very much required for learning Physics and this what I stress upon in each of lectures.

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