Forex and Futures: Cumulative Delta indicator

Get a positive value to your win ratio with Cumulative Delta indicator
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What is Delta and Cumulative Delta indicator
Difference between volumes on Futures and Forex
Divergences : Absorption and Exhaustion
How to trade and use Cumulative Delta indicator in your advantage


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Welcome to my free course for Cumulative Delta trading indicator.

This is a basic free course for Cumulative Delta indicator. Within this course you will learn the difference for the volume indicators in Forex and Futures markets. More exactly, I will explain the difference between the tick volume on decentralized markets or FOREX, and the real market volume on the centralized markets, like the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Most important is that you will learn how to increase to a positive value for your winning ratio, by using Delta indicator, or by using Exhaustion and Absorption, the cumulative delta volume divergences.

You will have the possibility to test the same indicator for Meta Trader 4 or Meta Trader 5, like the one I am using as example in the lessons, because I will offer a trial period for the students of this course. You will get more indications in the beginning of the course.

Within this free course, you will also see a live educational trading session, using the cumulative delta indicator.

Please fell free to contact me, if you have any questions or something is not clear regarding the course, or the cumulative delta indicator.

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I have taken contact with the stock market 15 years ago in my first year of college. I had no clue of what i was doing, but it was like an exam for one year and I was supposed to invest and make some profit.

The same year, in 2007, I took some courses for the Forex market and I was shocked that I was not able to understand anything, but after 6 months it was a little clear about all those Head & Shoulders, double bottom, and tops, so I have started to trade real money....made profit like 30% in 2 weeks and then lost all in 2 days... No one was teaching anything in those days about trading psychology or mindset.

One year later, 2008 i have started to work for the investment firm, CapitalGroup in Bucharest, as a broker.

All my career I have searched for wonder indicators, holly grail in trading, and trading gurus, only to reach the conclusion that retail indicators like Moving Averages or RSI, are not the ones suitable for me.

My contact with Orderflow is only 4 years, but this changed my trading perspective since this approach, is made by professional traders at prop firms, institutions, banks...etc...

I have started developing  my own trading indicators since I was not able to find complex indicators for MT4 or MT5 similar with those from futures trading platforms.

This is how I have started the advancedtradingtools company.

My Moto: Never stop learning, never stop growing!

Good luck to you all!

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