Food To Fulfilment

Helping you create fulfilment in each area of life in this food-obsessed world!
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Understand the 8 areas of living an exceptional life and their importance, particularly where food fits in
Recognise how we are fulfilled as human beings, and what we can do to create more fulfilment in our life


  • Just bring your open mind and the knowledge that you were born to be exceptional!


Food To Fulfilment is about challenging the belief that our diet is the fountain of youth. Is it possible that there are other "ingredients" in this recipe called "life" that are more important? If so, what are they, and what order do they go in? Is money more important than job satisfaction? If eating well more important than exercising? Is staying together in a relationship more important than having a great one? If you are ready to raise your standards and integrate all eight areas of your life into one exceptional life, then I believe you'll love this course. 

Each lecture is delivered via video, with three worksheets accompanying to help you complete the course.  

Who this course is for:

  • If food has been a major focus in your life at the expense of others, this course will be valuable.
  • If you feel unfulfilled by life and are unsure on how to create fulfilment


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Marcus Pearce
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Hi I'm Marcus Pearce, author of the Amazon bestseller Your Exceptional Life and founder of the Exceptional Life Blueprint - a personal empowerment company dedicated to helping people rise from mediocre to magnificent in EVERY area of life.

I am a journalist by trade and CEO of The Wellness Couch podcast network. In a previous life I spent 7 years in the sports media, including time at the 2006 Commonwealth Games and soccer World Cup in Munich.  

I reside just out of Byron Bay with my beautiful wife Sarah and four children, Maya, Darby, Tommy and Spencer.