How to Make a Food Ordering Restaurant Website in WordPress

Setup a Commission-Free Food Ordering Website (Real-Time App Notifications)
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How to Create a FREE Food Ordering Website (Commission-Free)
Learn How to Create a Mobile Responsive Website (Drag & Drop Builder)
Learn how to connect your website to an app on any Mobile, Ipad, Tablet (MacOS or Andriod)
Learn the basics of WordPress (World's most popular website platform)


  • Around $100 for Domain (Website Address) & Hosting (Where your website lives) - Must have for any website!
  • Any Mobile or Tablet/iPad to Connect App with the Online Ordering.
  • No Coding Required. Everything in this course is step by step and can be followed by anyone with basic computer skills.


Note: This course was inspired by my Dad's restaurant in Melbourne, Australia. As with the current situation around the world - I helped my dad setup a website with commission-free food ordering. 3rd Party Platforms were taking a huge commission 30-35% - So we decided to create our own website to accept orders with real-time notifications.

And in this course I teach you step by step how to set it up for your own business.

This is also perfect for Freelancers who want to help others to set it up for other businesses and you can easily charge $1500 for this!

Please watch the intro to see exactly what you get!

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Who this course is for:

  • People who want to create their own food ordering website with ZERO Commission.
  • People who want to help others to create and start charging a fee. (Great for freelancers!)
  • If you are sick and tired of third parties charge 30-35% commissions! This is perfect and exactly what I use for my Dad's Restaurant.


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Hogan Chua
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I am Hogan Chua, 28, from Melbourne, Australia.

Basically, I teach individuals all over the world, how to make websites/blog/ecommerce stores without using code, html or any of that complicated stuff. 

My courses are for everyday people who are not particularly looking to learn web design, code, html and css and to build a professional career out of it. (although many actually do because there are still alot of people who have money and are not the DIY type and want to delegate tasks to other people.)

These courses are more for those who want a blog, website and ecommerce shop up and running quickly, without having to hire anyone but also to have total control over the look, feel, edit whenever without complicated code.

I'm not going to saying that I'm a professional who has done this for over 10 years, cause that's not true. I've been doing this for about 2, almost 3 years. Still learning, still discovering new things and hopefully I can pass on these skills to you guys.

I first started because I was passionate about helping those like myself (wanted a website, didn't want to hire, nor had the money but wanted to control everything but without code). So I finally figured it out, with the help of Themify Drag n Drop WordPress Themes. I made my own website using the drag n drop system, absolutely loved it!

So I made a video on YouTube and that was highly successful, helping thousands probably 10's of thousands now. So here I am on Udemy, hopefully providing some more value with bonus content! (and the structure of courses, might really help you guys really understand and have fun with it.)

Let me know if you have any questions.



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