Implementing Food Bank process efficiency with Task

Learn how to automate the essential workflows of a Food Bank operation including deliveries, reporting and donations
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Different ways to gather food bank requests
Verifying the requests for food using a simple mobile app
Organising delivery teams to get food to people in need
Automating the reporting around food requests and delivery performance
Rewarding teams for contributing to your food bank mission
Increasing donor funding and support to your food bank initiative


  • You should have reasonable technical understanding such as basic web skills
  • You will need a free Zapier account to setup some of the workflows


If you are running a food bank, chances are you're struggling to deal with increased demand - right at a time when your existing way of operating has been hugely disrupted.

  • No doubt you're dealing with massive challenges when it comes to increasing your operating capacity - yet it feels wrong that people should be left hungry, especially when there is technology that ought to be solving these problems.

  • Task scales your food bank by making it easier to identify those in need, provides verification of support requests, and organises the work schedules of your delivery teams.It adapts to your own custom workflows, generates management reporting on the fly, and automates donation management..

  • Task is already helping food banks on a global basis. We’ve been able to help them get food and other essentials to the people who need them today more easily and efficiently.

What if you are not a Food Bank?

  • This course teaches a workflow that we know helps Food Banks, but Task has many other use cases - and this course will open your eyes to that.

  • Use this course to get "Task Certified" - which means we will send you a certificate and can potentially recommend you to our customers who require programme design and implementation.

  • You will need to complete all the assessments in the course, and we'd love to talk to you - we have a Partner Network you can join, and it begins by drilling in to how we help Food Banks, and using this knowledge to solve other workflow problems.

This free course lets you take what we have learnt from real world use cases, to adapt and build your own process efficiencies.

You might be a large organisation, or a local community project - in either case, this course will provide you with the fundamental skills to understand how you can take Task and get the essential workflows of your operation fully automated.

Who this course is for:

  • Operational teams in food banks looking to implement services that can scale
  • Food bank owners looking to scale out their operations

Course content

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