Flying Training. Learn to fly. Cessna 172. | Flight school |
4.1 (127 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
3,492 students enrolled

Flying Training. Learn to fly. Cessna 172. | Flight school |

Flight school for the beginner. Start here and take you into the pilots world at the controls of a Cessna 172.
4.1 (127 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
3,492 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • This course allows you to learn to fly a Cessna 172 without all the added complications, also featured at the end of the course some explanations and demonstrations of flying twin engined aircraft after that you will know whether or not you want to spend thousands in cash at a flying school. or simply learn more about flying online.
  • You should be able to use a PC or a Mac Recommend a joystick or better flight yoke with rudder pedals. Awesome in VR.

The USAF train their jet fighter pilots with the VR headset and the controllers. If it is good enough for the airforce it must be good...and it certainly is.

Start in the Cessna 172 and learn to fly the easy way then go on to learn multi engine or tail wheels even helicopters. Flight simulators for PC and Mac are great fun to play with, but do you seriously want to learn how to fly? Have you got the money or the time? are you too old? do you have a medical condition that would stop you? My course is designed to teach you everything you need to know so that at the end you will know whether to commit thousands and thousands of your cash to a flying school, or simply enjoy the pleasures of proper flying on a flight simulator going anywhere you like anywhere in the world. Do something impressive, Learn to FLY! I got my pilots licence in 1996 and regularly fly the flight simulator because I can learn to fly aircraft I would never be able to fly in real life through lack of money or opportunity.

Flying with the VR headset is awesome. It is better than flying the real thing in my opinion because it is free and safe.

The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is a four-person, high-wing single-engine aircraft manufactured by the Cessna company . The Cessna 172 is the most manufactured aircraft in history and probably the most popular training aircraft in the world.

The first models manufactured were delivered in 1956 and it continues to be manufactured, with the number of devices manufactured at more than 43,000 units until 2012 . 1 The Skyhawk's main competitors have been the Piper Cherokee , the Beechcraft Musketeer and the Grumman Cheetah (the latter two are no longer manufactured), and later on the DA40 Star and Symphony SA-160 .

The early 172s were virtually identical to the Cessna 170s , with the same stern shape and the same high landing gear bars, though later versions incorporated a revised landing gear, lower rear, and stern window. Cessna advertised this modification as "Omnivision". The definitive structural development, reached in the mid -sixties , consisted of the glue still used today. The profile of the plane was hardly modified since then, mainly undergoing updates in the avionics and motorization including (especially in 2005 ) the glass cabin Garmin G1000. Production stopped in the mid- 1980s, but it was resumed in 1996 with the Cessna 172R and Cessna 172SP models with respectively 120 kW (160 hp) and 135 kW (180 hp) of power.

The old Skyhawks were delivered with a 110 kW (145 hp) Continental O-300 engine, while later versions mounted 135 kW (180 hp) Lycoming O-360 thrusters , although the 110 or 120 kW O-320 versions are more common. In addition there are a few units that mounted 164 kW (220 hp) Franklin engines.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone at all who seriously wants to learn to fly up to Twin engine but cannot afford it at this stage.
Course content
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+ Introduction Single and Twin Engine Aircraft.
30 lectures 04:03:34

Introduction to the Cessna 172 for someone who has never seen one before.

Preview 16:36

I have hundreds of hours P1 on the Cessna 172 I used to have one many years ago at my flying school at Shoreham G-BOOL . She was a tatty old 172N with old avionics and well worn seats but we all loved her. Today I love to fly a brand new 172 in VR for free, I fly in real weather and I go everywhere. I love it.

The 172 is easily the best aircraft in the world for general aviation pilots. If you want to learn to fly do it in a 172.

You do not need a VR headset but it is really worth acquiring one as it brings everything to life and you are there. It is difficult to show you 3D on a 2D screen but trust me it is amazing. I always fly in VR now when I am on a sim. I got mine second hand but I am soooo going to buy a better HD one soon.

Preview 04:15

Ready for take off in the Cessna 172

Preview 03:07

Shorter take off with flaps Cessna 172

Preview 03:42

Climbing away controlling your airspeed and trimming on full power.

Exercise 4

how to fly the aircraft straight and level, trim and stay on heading.

Exercise 5

How does an aircraft fly? and what the control surfaces do.

Exercise 6

Lowering and raising the flaps. ok so what else happens when you do that?

EX7 Lowering and raising the flaps
EX8 Level turns
EX9 Decending

Pilot trick to fly accurate headings in the circuit pattern.

Using the heading bug.
EX10 Stalling
EX11 Stalling with flaps down
EX12 Landing
EX13 Landing with flaps
EX14 Landing with full flaps
EX15 Landing with wind
Crosswind out of limits
EX16 Steep turns
EX17 Spinning
EX18 Parking and shutting down
EX19 Checklists, Side slipping, QFE QNH
EX20 Short field flying
EX21 Weight and Balance
EX22 Engine fail emergencies
EX23 Do you really want to pass all the exams?
EX16 Steep turns.

There is an old type navigation instrument on the aircraft which will point to a radio beacon. This one is situated on an airport. Simply tune in the beacon and if it is in range it will point the way to the airport. Sometimes it has also distance measuring equipment that will tell you how far away the beacon is.


How to track to and from a VOR beacon and cross ref with an ADF NDB.

Preview 20:53

Instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) is an aviation flight category that describes weather conditions that require pilots to fly primarily by reference to instruments, and therefore under instrument flight rules (IFR), rather than by outside visual references under visual flight rules (VFR). Typically, this means flying in cloudy or bad weather. Pilots sometimes train to fly in these conditions with the aid of products like Foggles, specialized glasses that restrict outside vision, forcing the student to rely on instrument indications only.

The weather conditions required for flight under VFR are known as visual meteorological conditions (VMC). IMC and VMC are mutually exclusive. In fact, instrument meteorological conditions are defined as less than the minima specified for visual meteorological conditions. The boundary criteria between VMC and IMC are known as the VMC minima. There is also a concept of "marginal VMC", which are certain conditions above VMC minima, which are fairly close to one or more of the VMC minima.

Preview 21:33
+ By the end of this section you will be able to fly a basic aircraft.
22 lectures 02:43:56
Introduction video
Out of limits landing

As I said at the beginning, I am learning to fly the Tornado GR4 aircraft I downloaded from X plane 11, After just 1 week I am flying, navigating and landing this awesome jet fighter in the dark. There is no limit to what you can learn, so never let lack of money be an excuse. The sky really is the limit. ENJOY and blue skies!

So what are you going to learn next?
Instrument flying in cloud.
Emergency landing!!! A problem can show up and ruin your plans.

Now that you have done instrument flying in cloud you are ready to have a go at Instrument flying at night. Night flying can be disorienting, sometimes you can see nothing, other times lots of lights. 

Night flying introduction

Circuit training at night is the same as in the day but this time you see a lot less and rely on the instruments a lot more. The runway is all lit up at night and here you try to focus on approach speed and the approach lights to get the right approach angle.

Landing at Night.
Learn to fly in the BEST aircraft in the world
Multi engine aircraft additional rating.

One of my popular destinations when I was doing my PPL back in 1996 were trips to the Isle of Wight, This one is to Bembridge with the approach over the cliffs onto the tarmac runway.

Coming soon "Learn to fly a TWIN"
Start up and take off Twin engine aircraft.

Basic introduction to engine fail in a twin and landing on one engine.

Preview 12:22
Engine fail on take off Multi

Learning to use the radio part 1.

Preview 06:14

STOL is an important skill to learn. see how slow you can fly the aircraft but avoid the use of ailerons as it could induce a stall.

Short take off and landing STOL

STOL is an important skill to learn. see how slow you can fly the aircraft but avoid the use of ailerons as it could induce a stall.

Preview 00:42
now do the tail wheel conversion.
Extra 330SC

Well done for making it all the way to the end. The 172 in VR I think is better than the real thing as it is free and you can go anywhere in the world. Also everything avionics related works. OK the VR and computer are not free but at the end of the course you still have them. Unlike your cash at the flying school. Helicopters are awesome in VR I could never fly them on the flat screen it was too difficult, So why not save yourself over ten grand and learn in VR?

Try helicopters I love Helicopters.
03:34  All the best Happy flying and Blue Skies.

The Baron