Flask - Full Stack - a truly engaging "zero to know" Part 1

A course like no other - engaging, truly beginner orientated, front end and back end in just 3+2 easy lessons.
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How to create a full stack website, front end, back end, using Flask and Python and Boostrap (HTML, CSS) in the frontend.
Taught by the founders of TestandTrack,TeachingComputing and TeachYourselfPython. You will not find a more user friendly, engaging and genuinely unique course to take you from zero to pro in just five lessons.
....a little philosophy thrown in too! .....how to contemplate the MEANING OF LIFE!
This series contains the first three lectures and the last two are in the FREE (database connectivity) series to complete the five parts.


  • Basic Python recommended but not necessary
  • If you're a complete beginner, we promise you will be sharing this course once you're done with lesson 1.
  • This takes absolute beginners through the basics - including things like the use of command prompt and installing python/flask.


Taught by the founders of the hugely popular TestandTrack,TeachingComputing and TeachYourselfPython, you will not find a more user friendly, engaging and genuinely unique course to take you from zero to "know" in just five lessons. This series teaches you the absolute basics including how to get started with CMD, setting up a virtual environment and in just five lessons (this series has THREE lessons and the next TWO LESSONS are on database connectivity) you are zooming through to create full stack websites, beautiful bootstrap, HTML and CSS on the front end with pure SQL database connectivity, python and FLASK in the back end. The videos are clear and engaging with plenty to keep you motivated and most importantly you will truly learn! The key thing here is that this is a truly absolute-beginner and student friendly series. If you know NOTHING, this course assumes that, and starts with installation of python, understanding CMD and more. You will finish lesson one, wanting to share this series with others! It'll be the best learning video on flask you've ever watched. There are plenty of series which spread learning out across several hours of video but this series packs it all in to just five lessons and you'll walk away with a substantial and solid foundation for success. All the best!

Lessons 1 - 3: Getting started with Flask, CMD and Bootstrap

Lessons 4-5:  Database Connectivity - putting it altogether (see next follow on by this instructor)

Don't waste your time on courses that offer thousands of hours of lectures and take endless time! In just five lessons you will be confident with flask and ready to delve into more advanced learning!

Who this course is for:

  • Python beginners, developers, students, advanced coders looking to delve deep into Python
  • Whether you are looking to switch from a different language or are a complete beginner,in just five short lessons you'll be a pro and feel confident with full stack development, notably setting up a website using the FLASK framework. Everything is taught step by step, assuming no knowledge.

Course content

1 section4 lectures1h 40m total length
  • Introduction, set up and see your first flask webpage
  • Creation of templates, routes, views, HTML,CSS - a beautiful website
  • Bootstrap - Front end design and more awesome flask.
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Teacher and Creator/Founder of TTIO,TYP and TC (see Bio)
Ruth Benjamin-Marvin
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Ruth is a former Head of ICT/Computing and AST (Advanced Skills Teacher) at a secondary school in South London. She went part-time a few years ago to pursue web development and the setting up of her own business - teachingcomputing .com. This was followed by the launch of the hugely popular teachyourselfpython .com and just two years ago testandtrack .io was launched, securing a membership of over 1500 schools worldwide. Ruth still teaches Computer science and programming at primary to advanced levels. Her tech training series bring together teaching pedagogy and real world expertise across many fields offering students a unique experience to truly engage, learn and be inspired. Watch this space for a series on building a tech-startup from scratch, more web scraping, Django, Flask, AI, Machine learning, Python zero to pro and more.