Make Your First Game In Godot Engine 4

Learn how to create an awesome space shooter game in Godot 4 by the end of the day!
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How to make a space shooter game in the Godot game engine version 4.
Creating a top-down player controller
Shooting laser projectiles with player input
Multiple types of enemies that have different abilities
Enemy spawning system
How to create a scoring system and the in-game UI for it
How to keep track of the high score
How to create a game over menu that shows the player their score and high score


  • Basic understanding of Godot
  • Basic understanding of programming concepts like variables, loops, functions


In this course you will learn how to make a classic space shooter with the Godot Engine version 4. We will start with an empty project and make our way until we have a full game that you can export to any platform you want. If you haven't made a complete game before in Godot this is the perfect opportunity for you to create something that you can share with others! After you finish the course you can take your game and turn it into your own unique game.

A little bit about what we are going to cover in the course: You will learn how to create a top-down player controller that is controlled with keyboard input. You'll learn how to clamp the position of the player so that it stays in the game area. You're going to create a laser scene and shoot this laser from the player space ship. You will create an enemy scene and write the spawning logic to spawn enemies. In the course you will see 2 different types of enemies with different behaviors. You'll learn how to implement a scoring system, in-game user interface, game over menu and more!

Godot 4 is an amazing engine and this short FREE course is the perfect place to start learning it! Start your game development journey today! Looking forward to teaching you, see you inside :)

Who this course is for:

  • Absolute beginners to Godot and programming
  • Absolute beginners to Godot who know some programming
  • Beginner and lower intermediate users of Godot


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Kaan Alpar
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Hi there, I'm Kaan and I'm an independent game developer. I have been making games for over 10 years. I studied at Japan Electronics College in Tokyo learning all about computer science.

I taught tens of thousands of beginners game development and programming principles. I know exactly how you feel and what you are looking for and I try to make it so that my courses are the perfect fit for you. I remember my own struggles during my learning journey and I try to use those memories as reference points for my lectures.

Making games is my PASSION. I'm in love with the whole process of creating a game, from idea to the end product.

I decided to become a Udemy instructor in order to share my knowledge with people like you. I believe that the best people on this planet are the ones that share their knowledge with others. I know that I wouldn't have learned so much without the help of others.

And now I'm here for you! I hope to see you in one of my classes! :)


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