Fixed Income in Python

Learn how to model and price bonds in Python
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2,687 students
Fixed Income in Python
Rating: 0.0 out of 5 (0 ratings)
2,687 students
How to model fixed income instruments in Python
How to price zero coupon and fixed coupon bonds
The concept of yield to maturity and how to calculate it for a bond
The concept of the yield curve
How to interpolate bond yield using the yield curve
Newton-Rhapson method for numerical root finding and its application to YTM calculation


  • Basics of object oriented programming
  • Basics of financial mathematics
  • High school calculus

This course covers the concept and pricing of fixed income securities: loans, zero coupon and fixed coupon bonds.  You will learn how to model them, calculate their price and yield to maturity in Python. The course also covers the yield curve and explains how to use Newton-Rhapson numerical method for root finding to calculate yield to maturity of a bond.

Who this course is for:
  • Students of financial markets/financial engineering
  • Python developers interested in Financial Markets
  • Financial market professionals interested in Fixed Income
Course content
4 sections • 5 lectures • 1h 38m total length
  • Loan valuation in Python
  • Zero coupon bond concept
  • Zero coupon bond valuation
  • Yield curve in Python
  • Fixed coupon bond Newton-Rhapson method

Financial Engineer
Pawel Dudko
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In 2012 received BSc in Mathematics from University of Warsaw.

In 2013 graduated with Distinction from Imperial College London  receiving MSc degree in Risk Management and Financial Engineering.

Since graduation working in Sales and Trading at Commerzbank, London.

Specializing in probability, statistics, stochastic calculus and numerical methods.

Programming, open source and self development enthusiast.