Fix Your Golf Slice!
4.5 (15 ratings)
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Fix Your Golf Slice!

How To Hit Straighter and Longer Tee Shots
4.5 (15 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
49 students enrolled
Created by David Johnston
Last updated 11/2016
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What you'll learn
  • Learn how to cut through all the confusing techical jargon. This short program is a step-by-step method for eliminating the most frustrating shot in golf.
  • A knowledge of basic swing mechanics is an asset. If you know the difference between a "slice" and a "hook", then this program is guaranteed to help you hit more fairways.

Fix Your Golf Slice Forever is a step-by-step method for eliminating the most embarrassing shot in golf.

This thirty-minute program is based on results from over eleven-thousand lessons with once-a-week golfers who have a reasonable knowledge of swing mechanics, but struggle to break 90 consistently.

The course reveals basic cause/effect relationships which are often overlooked in traditional golf instruction.

The series of questions at the end of each section will clarify the elements you need to build your unique swing.    

Stop beating yourself up. Learn how to hit more fairways.     

This program is divided into four distinct sections:   

  1. How to find your ideal grip.   

  2. A simple routine for a consistent address position.   

  3. The "slice" factor: the telltale swing motion.   

  4. The secret to your perfect golf swing.   

    I look forward to helping you take your game to a whole new level!

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Who this course is for:
  • This program is designed to help the once-a-week golfer break 90 consistently.
Course content
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+ Fix Your Golf Slice Forever - Learn a Golf Swing that Won't Slice
9 lectures 32:34

In this video you will learn the beginning point of fixing your golf slice forever.  Why start with the grip?

Your grip determines the direction the ball curves. Assuming the club face is aimed properly, adjusting the grip will eliminate the left to right curve (for a right-handed golfer).

How do we adjust the grip?

Here is the rule of thumb: to eliminate a persistent slice, rotate the left hand in the direction the ball curves.

There are three essentials in every effective grip. The only variable is the position of the left hand.

This lecture will identify and explain the basic grip essentials.

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Fixing a golf swing slice is one of the biggest problems a golfer has throughout their golfing career.  The golf swing begins with the proper golf grip.

Quiz 1 - The Grip
4 questions

As we continue to help you fix the golf slice forever, it is extremely important for you to understand the importance of proper posture to your golf swing.

Every golfer with a persistent slice is bent over or slouched at address. This position forces the arms to swing with a choppy or slicing motion across the golfers body. 

This arm motion is known is the classic outside-in or over-the-top swing motion described in most golf instruction. 

How do we correct it?

You must correct the posture at address. The most common mistake most golfers make is placing the clubhead behind the ball, then bending over at the waist.

This method prevents the arms from swinging over the targetline.

There is a simple three step routine to help you set up in a well balanced posture for every club.  This lecture will outline this set up in detail.

Fix Your Golf Slice Forever - Part Two - Proper Posture

Proper posture is the second thing to consider when trying to correct a chronic slice problem.

Quiz 2 - Proper Posture
3 questions

Assuming that your golf grip and posture are now correct, if you are still tending to slice the golf ball it is time to evaluate your take away or beginning of your back swing.  Setting up a line on the ground pointing to an imaginary target can be a very effective aid to help in your golf swing accuracy.  The lecture will help you to understand the proper way to bring your golf driver back in your swing and how exactly the club head should be facing.

Preview 02:44

Analyzing the first part of your back swing when attempting to drive the golf ball is essential to a successful golf shot that doesn't slice.

Quiz 3 - Swing Takeaway
3 questions

As we continue along the path of 'Fixing your Golf Slice Forever' we will examine the second part of the golf swing which involves the use of the wrists as the golf club is drawn back.  As you begin your swing it is impossible to do so without bending your wrists.  The angle that your wrists set up in is critical to ensure a slice does not occur.  This video will describe and illustrate exactly how this arm and wrist motion is achieved and the proper follow through motion.

Fix Your Golf Slice Forever - Part Four - Wrist Motion

During the back swing of a golf shot it is absolutely essential that the wrists form a consistent angle in relationship to the golf club shaft.

Quiz 4 - Wrist Motion
4 questions

The final ingredient to help you 'Fix your Golf Slice Forever' is the end part of your golf back swing.  Assuming that you have reviewed the proper golf grip, setup posture, beginning of the club head pull back and correct 90 degree angle your wrists and club shaft are in, you will now be introduced to the final part of the swing.  The importance of the length of the back swing and corresponding follow through will be examined in this video lecture.

Fix Your Golf Slice Forever - Part Five - Backswing Length

Creating a consistent golf swing that does not cause the golf ball to slice is made up of many essential minor adjustments.  The back swing length is the final part of the puzzle to be examined.

Quiz 5 - Back Swing Length
4 questions

Every sport has its' own terminology and golf is no exception.  In this bonus lecture, golf pro and author, Dave Johnston, will explain some of the most common terms and how to apply this knowledge.

Preview 03:12

Dave Johnston is not only an accomplished golf instructor with over 30 years of teaching experience, he is also an accomplished author having written multiple books on the topic of golf.  In this lecture you will be entertained with Dave's storytelling ability as he shares a story of one of his students who had the worst imaginable golf slice.  Dave takes you on a journey of how he helped 'Randy' to overcome his dreaded problem. 

Fix Your Golf Slice Forever - Part Six - Story of a Chronic Slice

'Fixing your Golf Slice Forever' is a problem many golfers have turned to Dave Johnston for a solution.  In this lecture you will hear the final story of 'Randy', possibly the worst golf slicer ever, and what has become of his dreaded golf slice.

Preview 07:26