Five Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Take charge of your emotions at work and home, feel empowered and in control.
Rating: 3.2 out of 5 (35 ratings)
2,362 students
Five Ways to Boost Your Confidence
Rating: 3.2 out of 5 (35 ratings)
2,362 students
At the end of this webinar, students will be able to take actionable progress towards regaining self-confidence


  • Be willing and excited to accept new ideas
  • Be an active participant in the Webinar

Do you often feel emotionally misunderstood at work or at home? Do your ideas often get rejected causing a downward spiral of shame? Stop allowing others to control your joy and get back your confidence. I will give you actionable tips and scenarios from my life to shed a light on how quickly situations can get out of control, hurting your self-esteem and confidence. 

You will become more aware of your actions, becoming more in control of your feelings and confidence. When implemented, you will be more respected and seen as a leader among your peers and leadership.

You are not broken. With these quick tips, you will feel empowered and more in control.  

Please note, course is meant as initial webinar to Career Love's program session offerings.


Who this course is for:
  • Anyone struggling with low self confidence
Course content
3 sections • 9 lectures • 35m total length
  • Overview & Obstacles
  • Introduction: Instructor
  • Visualize Yourself As You Want to Be
  • Question Your Inner Critic
  • Help Someone Else
  • Care For Yourself
  • Create Personal Boundaries
  • You Are Ready to Take the Next Step
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CEO/Founder Career Love Collective
Jessica Hopp
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  • 2,364 Students
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"It Always Seems Impossible Until It Is Done" - Nelson Mandela

Career Love Collective comes from a singular idea that everyone has the ability to be their best self.

any people have best of intentions to be their best self at work and in their personal life. Perhaps the politics of work might become overwhelming, or a personal life situation manifests as negativity and grows out of control.

I understand your struggles--any size.

I was a workaholic with skyhigh anxiety, negative self talk, undiagnosed depression, daily Migraines and crippling perfectionism. This was me in a nutshell in my twenties (what a peach). Why didn't I see something wrong? These are all RED flags. I pushed people away who were good for me and continued dwelling on my "shitty" life.

2016 was a deep dive into my personal struggles. I am so glad to be on the other side. I took control of my own actions and accepted my life for the good and the not so good. I am truly living my best self. Along the way, I have found my way into a Masters of Business program and opened this practice. I hold a Communications Degree from the University of Wisconsin and a Life Coach Certificate.

My best self has allowed me to see the best in others, inspiring them to pursue their dreams. I hope you will join me on your journey, I would LOVE to join you.



Founder/ Career Love Collective