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When you want to exercise effectively and safely. This course helps you to be your own instructor
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Confident to start exercise in the gym
Know the body enough to chose exercises
Know the muscles in general
Have enough tool to exercise at home
HAve enough confidence to motivate other to exercise


  • SMall water bottle (2) or dumbbells 1-2kg each, fit ball, mat, or entry to a gym where there is lat pull down or rowing machine, or multi function fitness machine, a treadmill


Become your own personal trainer!

This course will help you to be aquatinted with the basics how to work out in the gym and at home or outdoors safely and effectively, while having maximum fun and benefits.

You will have confidence and tools to exercise anywhere you are.

If you have been hesitant to start exercise as you don't how, this is your chance to learn step by step. You all understand what is the good form and safe executions for most effective benefits to build a fit, great shaped body and lose fat weight too.

The addition of short nutrition and hydration section will guide you on the best food choices to reach your goals.

Now its only you and your willingness needed.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is a beginner and never exercised before
  • Anyone who took off from exercise and wants to restart
  • Anyone who wants to have stronger body and balance the muscles
  • Anyone who want to learn to exercise safely at home or in the gym
  • Anyone who want to get in shape while living busy life
  • Anyone who is walking doing cardio but don't know how to start strengthening the muscles


Live your life Alive - Performance Coaching
Zsuzsanna Fajcsak
  • 4.3 Instructor Rating
  • 415 Reviews
  • 16,140 Students
  • 4 Courses

As a “change maker” Dr Zsu works on 3 areas:

1. Health/lifestyle
2. Coaching/Inspiration
3. Education via mobile phone

Zsuzsanna has been schooled in Europe and the USA, and holds a Doctoral degree in Nutrition, as well as Master’s degrees in Teaching Physical Education, Exercise Physiology and Clinical Nutrition. Zsuzsanna is a Certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Time Line Therapy™ Coach, Certified Nutrition Specialist (Member of the American College of Nutrition), Certified in Functional Diagnostic Medicine, and a Yoga teacher trainer, who is passionate about the human mind and its power over physical health and performance.

Dr Zsu's Sessions focus on integrated Health, ad her Trademarked Alive program includes 4 areas:

1. How you think

2. How you eat

3. How you move

4. How you rest and refresh your body and mind

Dr Zsu’s mission is to make a difference and facilitate changes in peoples lives reaching sustainable health and wealth

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