Fiscal (Micro)Economics

The impact of taxes on markets
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Fiscal Economics
Social Policy
Tax Policy
Fiscal Policy
Quantitative Methods


  • An adequate understanding of the English language


In this course, you will learn about calculus, how taxes are levied, what their effects are, and whether specific tax policies are ethical. Additionally, you will gain crucial nuanced and intricate reasoning skills, key to any social scientist or intellectual person. But most of all, learning is fun, and you will hopefully have a lot of fun as well. Plus, this course is free!

The course consists of four modules:

- Calculus

- Microeconomics I

- Fiscal Ethics

- Microeconomics II

Every lecture is followed by a multiple choice question, as intermittent examination has proven to be the most effective way to encourage the students' retainment of the recently taught knowledge. Every module is followed by a larger multiple choice "exam", testing the medium to long term capabilities of students. For optimal results, students should take in no more than a module per day. In addition to the lectures, the course provides readings there where this adds to the students' understanding of the subject matter. It is recommended that students read the readings either prior to or following the lectures, but at least before answering questions.

N.b. Udemy has significantly cut back on the freedoms of students and instructors pertaining to free courses. As such, the course is limited significantly in terms of time. This, together with the aging of the course may result in somewhat disconnected perspectives attempting to set up a framework for students to reason within rather than grasping concrete realities as case studies of these framework mechanisms. In addition, it has regrettably become impossible to automatically distribute certificates following a free course. Therefore, we are continuously looking for alternatives.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone

Course content

5 sections18 lectures1h 16m total length
  • Introduction


Honours Student and Researcher
Piet Gotlieb
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Hi! My name is Piet Gotlieb and I am an honours student in the BSc of Public Governance at Tilburg University. My honours program concerns migration. In addition, I have contributed to research in the area of human trafficking, specifically human trafficking for ransom. My primary research interests include the interrelation between politics, policy and the cultural and ethical values of communities, the political economy of conflict and human rights and the causes of racism that underlies social cleavages leading to structural deficits for minorities.

Educator - Editor
Henk Gotlieb
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Hi there! I'm Henk. I am currently doing a Bachelor in Tourism with a focus on sustainable tourism. Sustainability is a hugely debated subject right now and will be a part of any of my courses. Besides studying tourism, I'm also actively working at a large hotel chain. I hope that you'll enjoy the courses that UtopiaCraft has to offer!