Make Your First EDM Track - No Experience Required!

Learn how to make an EDM track in FL Studio, by making one.
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Start and finish an EDM track.
Have a general understanding of FL Studio.
Walk away equipped with the best resources to continue your music production learning.


  • Demo-version of FL Studio 12/20. Purchased-version helps, but is not necessary.



Learn the basics of making your first EDM track from Colin: A professional music/ghost producer with 4+ years of experience.   With a discography of over 200 dance tracks, his productions has received acclaim from the likes of Studio DMI, EDM(dot)com and many more.

In this course, you'll learn the fundamentals, shortcuts and best resources for learning concepts such as:

  • Music theory, or how to make kickass melodies

  • Sampling, how to do it in FL Studio, and how to do it legally

  • Mixing your track to sound it's best

  • Where to sell/share your finish tracks

......and much more!

So whether you're a music producer looking to learn a few new tricks from the EDM realm, a neophyte looking to get into the music production game, or an EDM enthusiast looking to make a track to impress your friends, there's something in this course for you.

Who this course is for:

  • Electronic Dance Music fans interested in gaining an appreciation for the craft of making their favorite music.
  • Anyone with zero musical background who's interested in making their first electronic dance music track.
  • Music producers looking to steal a couple tricks/techniques from the EDM realm.

Course content

3 sections26 lectures3h 6m total length
  • About Me
  • Update for Users Using FL Studio 20
  • Downloadable content
  • Welcome!
  • Common Beginner Mistakes to Avoid
  • Basic Composition of a Track
  • Introduction Quiz
    2 questions


EDM Ghost Producer, Instructor of over 20,000+ Students
Colin Warn
  • 4.0 Instructor Rating
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  • 29,055 Students
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Colin Warn is a dance music ghost producer hailing from Seattle.

Alter ego DJ Veaux, he's been teaching music production on Udemy for over 4 years, with a letter of recommendation from Grammy Award winning music studio Studio DMI for his production chops. He's made about 200+ tracks as of writing this bio from hip hop to dance music.

Private tutoring lessons are available upon request ($60/hr).