First steps to automate processes with GeneXus 17

Learn the benefits of modeling, executing, and managing a business process in an agile way with GeneXus BPM Suite.
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You will learn in a simple way what BPM is and the features of GeneXus BPM Suite.
You will learn the basic description of the main symbols that will allow you to define a process.
You will learn how to model a business process using a case study.
You will identify the different GeneXus objects that you will have to create and associate with the model to create a functional application.
You will be able to run the application and get to know the GXflow Client interface as well as monitor the running processes.
You will see how easy it is to incorporate security, users, and roles to the process.
You will analyze the statistics generated automatically by process, tasks, and participants.


  • You will need a computer to install the free trial version of GeneXus. We will explain how to do it in one of the first videos of the course. You must have basic knowledge of GeneXus. Also, we recommend watching the course: "Create your first application with a Low-Code tool." No experience with BPM is required.


GeneXus is software that makes software. Its first version was created in 1988 and is now used by more than 9,000 companies in 50 countries.

It is an intelligent Low-Code platform that simplifies software development, automating everything that can be automated.

It is the easiest and fastest way to develop applications without knowing how to program. It is very easy to learn, very productive, multi-platform, agile, and future-proof.

GeneXus is also a BPM Suite that will allow you to:

Graphically model business processes.

Automate systems through a GeneXus application.

Control, manage, and administer business processes.

Course objective:

Learn the basic concepts to model, execute, and manage a business process using GeneXus BPM Suite.

Suggested methodology to take the course:

Throughout the course, you will be able to develop a BPM-oriented application, step by step and watching short videos.

You will have to watch every video and then replicate in GeneXus what is explained in the video, with the opportunity to run and test the operation of the GXflow client.

Requirements: You will need a computer to install the free trial version of GeneXus. We will explain how to install it and the hardware and software requirements in one of the first videos of the course.

Basic knowledge of GeneXus. Also, we recommend watching the course "Create your first application with a Low-Code tool."

Who this course is for:

  • For those interested in learning how to automate, streamline, and optimize business processes.


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GeneXus™ is the best Low-Code Platform that you don't know yet. It's a Software Development Platform that simplifies and automates the tasks of creating and evolving enterprise applications and multi-channel user-experiences. Great Advantages:

- Higher productivity, with automatic maintenance & evolution

- Multi-Experience, we continuously create new code generators

- Agile, incremental approach, with fully functional prototypes

- Easier to learn, one single language to cover all technologies

- Future-proof, we've been around for 30 years, evolving for you

Key Differentiators against the competition:

- No runtime fees, we charge by developer

- Best theoretical framework, which allows us to evolve

- Best coverage in the market: Most technologies, most languages, most markets and industries

- We run on-premise or on the cloud

- Multiple starting points depending on the type of company you work in, with products for Students, Startups, ISVs, Corporate Development, and SAP technologies.

GeneXus uses Artificial Intelligence techniques to create software, enabling truly incremental development of apps, providing a low-code, future-proof development platform for the leading execution platforms and languages, and the most popular DBMS.

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