Optimization algorithm using matlab

A video tutorial on Firefly Optimization Algorithm and its implementation in MATLAB from scratch
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After watching this video tutorial, you know what is Firefly Optimization Algorithm.
You can use in to solve your own optimization problems.
You can use this optimization algorithm to write your ISI paper.
You know how to write other optimization algorithms in MATLAB.
You can write Firefly Optimization Algorithm in any other programming language that you have experience in.


  • Basic knowledge of programming


I’m very glad to have opportunity to teach you one of the most popular and powerful optimization algorithms in this course.

If you search FireFly optimization algorithm in google scholar, it could be seen that there are many vast range of papers has been published by implementing this optimization algorithm in different fields of science.

In this course, after presenting the mathematical concept of each part of the considered optimization algorithm, I write its code immediately in matlab.

All of the written codes are available, however, I strongly suggest to write the codes with me. Notice that, if you don’t have matlab or you know another programming language, don’t worry at all. You can simply write the codes in your own programming language because the behind concepts about all of the written codes are presented completely.

We have a lot to cover in this course, so, let’s start it.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who are working on optimization algorithms: This course increase their knowledge about one of the most powerful optimization algorithms.
  • Researchers who want to publish ISI papers in this field: After this course, they can simply apply this optimization algorithm in their own problem.
  • Anyone who is interested about data mining, Artificial intelligence, and optimization algorithms.

Course content

3 sections17 lectures1h 5m total length
  • What is an optimization problem
  • Choosing a function to optimize
  • Writing the functions in MATLAB


Water and wastewater research center, Razi University
AmirHossein Zaji
  • 4.8 Instructor Rating
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  • 4,486 Students
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AmirHossein Zaji has more than 50 published papers in best journals. The research fields of AmirHossein Zaji are data mining, machine learning, neural networks, optimization algorithm, classification methods, and outlier direction methods.

Currently, he works on capturing the satellite images and eliminating its low quality images to predict discharge of rivers.