Finish It! Motivation & Processes For Video Game Development
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Finish It! Motivation & Processes For Video Game Development

Tools & Techniques For Staying Motivated & Productive When Creating Video Games Or Apps.
4.8 (944 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
16,654 students enrolled
Last updated 7/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Specific strategies for finishing your technical and creative projects.
  • Methods for identifying why you are getting blocked on your project and what to do about it.
  • The What-Why-Who-How-When process for professionally completing projects.
  • Agile development processes for planning, scheduling and completing tasks.
  • You should have a game, an app or a course that you are either currently working on or plan to start.
  • You want to be more efficient, productive or motivated when working on your creative or technical projects.

If you have a technical or creative project that you want to finish (or start!), this course will help you to identify why you are getting blocked, how to stay on track and ultimately help you FINISH IT (your project that is).

We often use the word "motivation" to summarise the process of staying focused and getting our work done. But finishing challenging projects requires far more than just motivation - it requires systems, strategies, tools and planning

In this course we start at the high level and explore how this project fits into your overall career or life goals. We look at what, exactly, your final product will look like and why on earth you are even working on your project. Often its not for very powerful reasons which can lead to some funky unproductive behaviour on our part.

We continue to drill down through your project to look at what are your very next actions, where you are blocked, what you plan to accomplish this week, this month and the next 90 days. You will learn techniques such as:

  • The Very Next Thing tecnhique

  • The Clear Your Cache technique

  • Your own personal approach to Finding Flow

  • The Work-Or-Dont-Work philosophy

  • The Work Breakdown Structure technique

  • The Accountability Buddy approach

  • And many more techniques for success

The goal of this course is very simple: Get you to Finish your project.

Some examples of projects that our students are working to finish are:

  • Video game project

  • App development project

  • Portfolio building project

  • Online course / study project

Looking for specific technical content? Check out our comprehensive range of game development courses.

The course follows a step-by-step Workbook which will guide you through your specific set of circumstances and help you finish your project.

The instructors of this course have spent years studying and teaching personal development. They have completed many projects as well as not completed many projects and have an acute understanding of what it takes to achieve success when you are in charge of your own milestones and deadlines.

You might be working solo on your project, but you don't have to do it alone. Come and join our community, share your challenges and learn from others with theirs. 

We hope you allow us to contribute to the completion of your project! 

Come join us now, you won't be disappointed!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who could use some help and support to stay focused, motivated and productive while working on their project.
Course content
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+ Your High Level Vision
15 lectures 01:25:24
  • What this course is, and isn't, about.
  • Examples in Rick's life of 2 very different motivational experiences.

(UVR = 1_HL_FIN)

Preview 04:21
  • Introducing the Course Workbook.
  • How to copy / download your own copy of the Workbook.

(UVR = 2_HL_FIN)

Course Workbook
  • The first big question / challenge of the course - what is your project?
  • The important outcome of this lecture is knowing exactly what it is that you are aiming to achieve as a good outcome.

(UVR = 3_HL_FIN)

What Is Your Project?
  • A quick side note video!
  • The project is for you, its represents your goals and dreams and progress. Don't let other people's opinions prevent you from finishing it.


Not A Waste Of Time
  • Why are you working on this project? Why Finish it?
  • We look at what your perfect day looks like and how this project fits into that story.

(UVR = 4_HL_FIN)

Why This Project?
  • As the saying goes, "what is the why that makes you cry"?  
  • Rick does a bit of "walking the talk" by showing you precisely why he HAS to finish his projects.


Your Powerful Why
  • Why are you working on your project - is it a "should", a "want" or a "must"?
  • What is your "I absolutely MUST finish this project" reason?

(UVR = 5_HL_FIN)

Preview 06:13

Details on where the best places are to ask questions and share about your project while progressing through the course.

Sharing And Asking Questions
  • Who is a role model that inspires you, and who you would like to be like?
  • What are the qualities of that person that stand out to you?

(UVR = 6_HL_FIN)

Role Models
  • Procrastination versus logistics.
  • What logistics are setting you back and need to be addressed?
  • Time and place, tools and tech, people and processes.

(UVR = 7_HL_FIN)

How Will You Finish?
  • What are the things you need to change in your physical environment?
  • Are there any things you need to get in order to be more productive?
  • Other things you absolutely need to change.

(UVR = 8_HL_FIN)

Changes And Gaps
  • "When will you get it done by"?
  • We are often sneaky with how we answer this question and give ourselves ways to wriggle out of it.
  • Intention vs. Commitment.
  • Honouring your word.

(UVR = 9_HL_FIN)

The Toughest Question

We introduce these two important distinctions and look at the importance of only giving your word to things you will absolutely get done.

(UVR = 9b_HL_FIN)

Intention Vs. Commitment
  • When do you do your best work and when will you finish your project?

(UVR = 10_HL_FIN)

Ballpark Milestones

We'll be investing a lot of time and effort into the workbook, this video gives some extra context to how we'll be using it in the future.

Note On The Workbook
+ Getting Unblocked
16 lectures 01:58:17
  • This section will focus on helping you get unstuck and unblocked.
Section 2 Introduction
  • Dont know what to do.
  • Dont know how to do it.
  • Dont want to do it.
Why We Procrastinate
  • Clear your cache.
  • Take on one very specific task right now that you have been putting off.
Clear Your Cache
  • Identify your current skill and knowledge gaps.
  • What specific actions can you take to address those gaps?
Honest Assessment
  • Understanding the exact steps that have lead up to your procrastination will help you see the pattern and remove them.
  • What exactly did you do when you were being productive?
Procrastination Pattern
  • The VNT (Very Next Thing) technique is a very practical and powerful way to ensure you aren't blocked.
  • Its critical that you are specific and not vague.
VNT Technique
  • A quick reminder to make sure you are enjoying your project and having fun working on it.
1 Minute Reminder #1
  • What are you worried about happening with your project - what could go wrong?
Preview 09:59
  • Examining the ugliest upcoming tasks you are faced with - what do you really want to avoid and / or put off?
Why Am I Blocked?
  • One of the most important topics we'll cover - who is it you can ask for help when you are stuck.
Who Can You Ask
Killing Distractions

Your workflow is totally up to you, but make sure you have some bases covered:

  • Some way to write down all the little details and tasks that pop into your head
  • Some way to write down the larger ideas that pop into your head
  • Some way to highlight the exact task you are working on at the moment
Your Workflow

So often we find ourselves doing "sort of" work. That is, sitting at our computer during work time, but not driving the project forward. This off-the-cuff video is a quick discussion about how to address this situation.

Work Or Don't Work

It's guaranteed that you've been in the state of Flow before, but you may not know how to quickly return to that state. Now that we've removed distractions (which knock you out of flow) we'll talk about how to get into Flow.

Finding Flow
Being Specific
Setting Good Objectives
+ Building Momentum
10 lectures 01:04:27
Section 3 Introduction

A key part of figuring out the "what" of this week's priorities is your Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) which we discuss in this video.

Preview 08:43
Single Most Important

Throughout this course we'll be touching on Agile project management methodologies. In this video we discuss what Agile is and cover the main terms related to it.

What Is Agile

Writing your daily actions as user stories will help provide clarity on what exactly needs to be completed.

User Stories
Skin In The Game
Accountability Buddy
Inputs Not Outputs
Change Your Environment
Make The Commitment
+ Building Habits
13 lectures 01:45:41

Welcome to the fourth section of the course.

Section 4 Introduction

We've discussed the idea of onion design and focusing on the core features, now lets get specific with what exactly your minimum viable product is.

Your MVP

There are many tools to help you manage your backlog and priorities. We'll take a look at using Trello to set up your backlog.

Create Your Backlog

One of the most powerful techniques to give you a strong "why" is the Event-Based Milestone.

Event-Based Milestones

We look at Beeminder as a tool to keep you accountable to daily inputs.

Committing To Inputs

Its super important that you share you project with people other than yourself and your close friends. In this video we look at 3 objections people have to sharing.

Sharing Is Caring

In this video we cover the "what" and the "who" of sharing your project with other people.

Who To Share With

We discuss the process for sharing projects through social media and take a look at some example shares from an indie facebook developers group.

How To Share Projects

Its important that you don't make negative feedback about your project mean something about yourself.

Negative Feedback

We often take far longer on our project than we need to because we are chasing the cool ideas or implementation. Its important to understand the difference between iteration and Zig Zag and protecting yourself from lost time.

Iterate Not Zig Zag

Scope Creep is not always bad, but it must be managed and not allowed to happen accidentally.

Dealing With Scope Creep

We often get stuck in the world of analysis paralysis. We discuss 6 tips for smashing through this blockage.

Analysis Paralysis

To wrap up this section which has focused on the next 30 days, we are going to get super concrete on your commitments and actions and when things will get done.

Being Concrete
+ Getting Results
9 lectures 01:11:29

If you can get momentum by focusing on the week and build habits by focusing on the 30 days, then you're set up to get results with a 90 day outlook.

Section 5 Introduction

A quick note that some folks find the video after this one a bit confronting and asked me to make a note of this.

A Quick Note...

This "What If" visualisation exercise will give you some powerful ammunition to help stay focused and motivated.

What If We Ask What If

Jim Rohn, the leadership and self-development guru asks us four Whys. In this video we discuss those and relate them to our own projects.

The Four Whys

The Left Side / Right Side technique is a powerful way to know who you should be asking for help.

Left Side / Right Side

One of my favourite philosophies is that "if you work hard its not a matter of IF you'll succeed its a matter of WHEN".

Marathon Not Sprint

We cover the 3 most important aspects of managing your physiology and what the impacts are that they can have on your life.

Manage Your Physiology

The thought of our product not selling well is often a big barrier to finishing our project. We discuss some very quick tips for helping to market your product.

Marketing Your Product

Its okay to stop working on a project, so long as its for the right reasons.

When To Stop
+ Continuous Improvement
5 lectures 13:30
Section 6 Introduction

All the effort you put into your workbook should not be lost. Continue to look at it and use it to help you moving forward.

Using Your Workbook
More To Come!

We discuss the distinction between being Motivated and Driven.

Being Driven

It helps if you change your state when you are working and dress in a way that supports that.

State Of Work