Fine tuning life - How to lead a successful & balanced life.

Life assessment, Work life balance, Five zones of life assessment, Understanding the fundamental principle of each zone
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In this course, you will be able to asses your life satisfaction levels.
You will learn about the five zones of life.
You will be able to asses the levels of your work life balance.
You will get solutions to maintain a healthy work life balance.


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Fine tuning life - How to lead a successful & balanced life.

In this course you will be able to measure the level of satisfaction in life through the SWLS developed by Prof; Ed Diener. You will be learning about the five dimensions or zones of life which are, the health zone, family zone, the work zone, the spiritual zone and how they play an important role in our day to day lives along with a self assessment of each zone so that you understand, which zone needs our attention the most. By understanding and practicing them, we will be able to lead a joyful, successful and balanced life.

You will learn about,

1. The life satisfaction levels, by Prof. Ed Diener

2. Understanding the scores

3. The five zones of life assessment

4. The Health zone & Family zone

5. The Work zone, Social zone & Spiritual zone

About me: I am a soft skill facilitator, specialising in self management, productivity & customer service, with more than 26 years of work experience in challenging engineering projects, having conducted workshops & training sessions on soft skills, for the executive & top management of some of the top corporates and esteemed government institutions.

Key benefits:

  • Understand the present level of satisfaction

  • Identify the exact zone of life, which needs improvement

  • Tips to improve upon achieving zone of life

  • Achieve work life balance and lead a joyful life.

Key features:

  • Simplicity, Innovation and real life examples are the essence, of this course.

  • Learning from a highly passionate, knowledgable & experienced instructor.

  • Short & Sweet. To the point.

Student testimonials about the instructor:

  1. Good techniques to sharpen our skills. Interactive class. Good connection with the audience. - N. Bhanuprakash

  2. It was good and best presentation on joyfulness. I enjoyed every activity in this programme. - Sagar GN

  3. Such a beautiful program, heart fully I thank you sir, good speaking and you clarified all my doubts, thank you sir.-Sushmitha N

  4. Presentation was good, enjoyed the session - Evangeline

  5. Sir, you gave us beautiful examples and it was inspiring me sir, and also there was entertainment - Rachel

Who this course is for:

  • This is for those who seek to be happy & successful:)


Passionate Engineer. Now, A Passionate Soft skill Trainer.
Rajesh C R   (Productivity Coach)
  • 4.6 Instructor Rating
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Rajesh C.R. comes with a rich experience of working across many construction projects and real estate. More than two decades of experience in terms of delivering turn key solutions. His keen ability to comprehend the requirement from the client and reproduce it to the class with his analytical and logical reasoning has always been sought after.

Having worked across diverse clients his exposure to the international expertise is also acclaimed off. Having worked across niche Indo German project with German delegates, Thai delegates, for Japanese customer across projects, has provided him an in depth understanding of the culture, from east to west. His rich expertise of having worked across different nationalities is well claimed off.

His astuteness in project managements are a key learning across industries from budgeting, planning to execution with world class reports taken as case studies and discussed at management levels.

Having scaled the ladder of success, he had the realisation of the calling in life, which is to enable and equip more lives by his knowledge. His ability to share and teach has been with him from a young age and has delivered multiple programs across corporates, Colleges, and Government institutions.

His ability to design is something that he is gifted with and that has taken him places and also paved the way for instructional designing into modules, a metamorphosis from structural designing to Instructional designing, with stability as a key factor, is something that his astuteness is sought after.

Rajesh has been successful in delivering programs. Few of his self-designed and delivered programs across Institutions have been well accoladed. Programs such as Life skills to lead a joy full life encompasses life skills in terms of communication, work life balance, stress management, increasing memory power.

His programs are designed at an Individual level and organisational level performance; thus, the synergy brings in optimal results not only for the participants, but also for the business.

His MTIP and MTOP programs are sought after and a few niche clients who have tried and tested have had optimal results from the program.

Clients worked with in the past are : Tejjas incense, Pruksa, Skanska, Roots Multi clean, Sun branding, Schneider Electric, Judicial academy of Karnataka, Indian academy, Veta, KPL industries, RBI, Learners Route (Pwc & KPMG).


What the participants had to say, An IATD certified trainer.

Hi Rajesh....we were blessed today to witness and absorb priceless education from you....your simplicity, your smile, content and diction backed up by flawless technical control which could have given any professional a run for its money was spell bounding....by far the best presentation till date....congrats buddy....you deserve every bit of it..... Cheers…..Vishal.

Rajesh is a very highly motivated and focused Trainer/Coach who communicates with his participants in a very simple and effective way. His methodology involves a lot of experiential learning and participants are able to connect with him with great ease. Humility, devotion, dedication, perseverance and clarity of thought are his great assets. It's a joy attending his workshops. - Naresh Bhandia

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