Find Your Passions and Build Your Dream Life
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Find Your Passions and Build Your Dream Life

Discover your passions and how to build an epic life around them.
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4.8 (13 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
767 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Discover new and old passions
  • Live a happier and more fulfilled life
  • Set practical goals and stick to them
  • Develop a realistic plan for your life
  • Overcome personal challenges and setbacks
  • Balance life today with future goals
  • Unlock lasting motivation and excitement
  • No prior knowledge or experience required

A refreshingly honest and practical course to help reveal your true passions and build a life you're proud of. No more throwing away your goals or settling for excuses. I've been there and it's beyond frustrating. Now's the perfect time to prioritize your freedom and kickstart your journey towards a happier and more fulfilled life.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to find their passions
  • Anyone who wants to feel happy and free
  • Anyone who wants to set and accomplish their goals
  • Anyone who is ready to take control of their life
  • Anyone who wants to live an exciting life that they're proud of
Course content
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+ Welcome!
1 lecture 02:00

Welcome to Dream Life Class! I'm excited to have you.

A few tips for a successful class:

Identify your personal learning objectives.  

To stay on track with the class, always keep in mind what you hope to gain from the class.

Take your time. 

No need to rush. Take your time to understand the content and soak up the information. You can access the class anywhere at anytime. 

Ask for help when you need it. 

I'd like to be as involved in your experience as possible. Ask if you don't understand something. If you disagree with something let me know. I am a student of life as well.

Stay motivated and engaged. 

It's ironic how much motivation staying motivated requires. But don’t underestimate the effort needed to fully commit to the class. It's your life and your dreams at stake. 

Preview 02:00
+ Getting Honest With Yourself
4 lectures 17:39

Growing up we’re taught to tell the truth but usually to our parents and others. Today you’re going to get honest with the most important person; yourself. Honesty isn’t always easy or comfortable... at first.

To maximize your chances of living a happy and more fulfilled life, being brutally honest with yourself is very important.  

So let’s take a look at why honesty matters.

Preview 14:14
Why Honesty Matters
Hooray! Here's your first official assignment... Answering some really difficult (and fun) questions.
Tough Questions Part 1
43 questions
Thoroughly think through the following questions. Be sure to answer honestly as you’ll refer back to these responses throughout the course. You can always start now and save to finish later.
Tough Questions Part 2
12 questions
Helpful Tips for Getting Honest
Suggested Resources
+ Finding Your Passions
6 lectures 36:44

After years of tirelessly searching for my passions I realized something that changed everything. My entire approach was wrong. In fact, finding things I was passionate about wasn't the problem. Failing to prioritize was my problem. I was trying to find my passions without acknowledging my values or prioritizing what was important to me.

That led me down the never-ending cycle of starting something with a massive burst of energy only to reach a point where I decide “this isn’t for me anymore". I want to help prevent this from happening to you. 

So before identifying your passions, let's find out what you value.

Finding Your Passions
Understanding Your Values
Let's find out what you value most.
Top 3 Values
2 questions
Case Study: Identifying What You Want
The following questions will help us understand what you really want.
What Do You Really Want?
10 questions
2 Ways To Reveal Your Passions
Pavio's Story: Finding Passions Without Looking
Suggested Resources
+ Journey Over Outcome
6 lectures 32:57

Now that you’re exploring your passions, let’s start thinking about how to bring them to life. We've always been told that success requires a plan with solid goals. That's true but not what's most important.

Yes, having a plan with goals is important, but it doesn't guarantee success. I want to share a little secret. Once you identify a new passion and you’re serious about it, you must focus on the journey. You must also learn to love the journey. That's what will guarantee your success. 

Alright, let's look at why the journey matters more than the outcome.

Journey Over Outcome
Why The Journey Matters
How To Start Taking Risks
Obstacles & Setbacks
Steve's Story: Overcoming the Odds
Suggested Resources
+ Mastering Your Goals
5 lectures 20:30

Desire (or passion) is your daily energy that fuels your goals. So many people find themselves burnt out before reaching their goals. Why? Perhaps they lack the desire to keep developing their passions.  Without it you won't live a fulfilled life.

Let's explore your goals. 

Mastering Your Goals
Case Study: The 1979 Harvard MBA Business School Study
Goal Setting Tips
Let's rev up your creative juices and enjoy the goal-setting process.
2 Crazy Scenarios
2 questions

Download the worksheet and use it to flush out your goals. I typically set smaller goals that I can reach within 3 months that support my larger goal.

Goal Setting Worksheet
Suggested Resources
+ Key Takeaways
2 lectures 12:18

Everyone has a dream life. Not everyone has goals fueled by their passions.

It’s not easy building the life you want but here’s an easy-to-understand guide summarizing how to do it. Refer back to it throughout your journey.

1. Get honest with yourself. 

Analyze your current situation — What is your current life like? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Are you living at your full potential? Are you undeniably satisfied with your life is right now? Chances are that you aren’t.

Ask yourself and answer these questions honestly: 

  • Am I living my dream life right now?
  • Is anything holding me back from living a happy and fulfilled life? 
  • Am I learning and honing my skills like I should be doing? 
  • Is my work concentrated towards my major goal? 
  • Do I want my dream life to be like the life I’m living right now?   

How you answer these questions will help you understand what you need to work on.   

2. Explore what you care about .

Remember, passions are found in your heart, not your head. Quit thinking and start strengthening your passion muscles. That means you must be proactive and feel your way through. This can take days, weeks, months or sometimes even years, so don’t rush this process. Seriously, take time and allow your passions to reveal themselves. You’ll likely discover hidden passions along the way.

3. Answer the brutal question .

To live the life that you dream of, ask yourself, “What do I really want?”

Imagine what you want your dream life to be like. Living your dream life requires knowing what you really value. Identify your values and ask yourself what it is you want in life (happiness, freedom, wealth, peace, etc.). What kind of things do you want to have? Who do you want to connect with? Form an image of you want your life to look like. Don’t be afraid to explore and get it wrong. Each experience is valuable and helps you better understand your desires.

4. Set and refine your goals .

Now it’s time to write down your SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely) goals. Long-term as well as short-term goals. Whatever it is that you want out of life (i.e. your long-term goals), break it down into smaller short-term goals and work backwards. Break your long-term goals into 5 year goals, your 5 year goals into 1 year goals, your 1 year goals into monthly goals, your monthly goals into weekly goals, and plan your every single day according to your weekly goals.

*TIP: Write your goals down. Like, grab and pen with ink and write them somewhere. This is the key, because during the process of writing your goals you’ll clarify your thoughts and possibly uncover new ways to achieve your goals.

5. Work towards your goals every single day .

Don’t want work for someone 8 hours a day? Looking for the perfect side hustle? Want to become a business owner? Ready to start a charity or not-for-profit organization?

Work towards your goals every single day, even when you don’t want to. Trust me. Staying persistent will help you perfect your craft feel more fulfilled. You’ll never regret working towards something you truly care about.

6. Walk and talk with lions .

Surround yourself with people you want to become like. Surround yourself with people who will hold you accountable. You are sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. We become who we connect with. 

Don’t have inspiring people around you? Find them! Change your environment and cut ties dead weight. This can be tough but every great entrepreneur I know had to end unhealthy relationships. You can also read books, watch YouTube videos, and go to events. Put yourself out there. Do anything to be with the leading people in your area(s) of interest. Never spend most of your days with average people or negative people. They have a superpower of turning high achievers into low achievers. 

7. Goals evolve, so recalibrate .

Your goals will evolve as you’ll reach closer to your dream life. 1 year from now, you won’t be the same person you are right now. You’ll have different mindset. You’ll have different skillset. What may have taken 10 years to achieve might only take 4 years now, because of the new knowledge and relationships you have. 

Goals change every instant of your life, so review your goals in relation to where you are in life every single day. Adjust them according to the new YOU.

8. Enjoy the journey .

The biggest piece of advice I can give you to fall in love with the process. It’s easy to slip into the trap of wanting to live the dream life so much that we stop enjoying what is in front of us. Trust that you will reach your goals one day, but enjoy what you have today. Live and breathe the process, the hustle, and the work you do. Embrace the highs and lows. Master this and you’ll find true happiness and fulfillment.

9. Live YOUR life!

Key Takeaways

Thank you for joining the class! I hope you found it helpful and feel more equipped to live a happier, more passionate and fulfilled life. Your dream life awaits.

A special thanks to our guest entrepreneurs. 

Ashleigh Reddy,

Danny Mendoza,

Zim Ugochukwu,

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