Find Your Closet Patterns

Realize and solve your repetitive wardrobe mistakes
Realize and solve various wardrobe problem


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FREE interactive online style challenge with a professional image-consultant. Analyze, realize and solve your repetitive wardrobe patterns.

Make your wardrobe work harder for you without spending a penny. Join any time, do it at your own pace.

As a result of this challenge you'll realize:

1. Simple Shopping Ways to Spend Less And Look Better: How to save your precious time and money, and make sure that every new item works hard for you.

2. The Vicious Circle of Buying, Piling And Not Wearing: How to eliminate the most common reasons why most of us have tons of clothes we don't wear and why we continue to fail into the same trap over and over.

3. The Major "AHA" Moment For Your Wardrobe: How to understand what is going on in your closet, what mistakes you repeat, and what works for you and what doesn't.

Who this course is for:

  • Any women that wants to have a better wardrobe

Course content

2 sections8 lectures31m total length
  • Introduction
  • Pattern #1 - Full closet nothing to wear
  • Pattern # 2 - We are waiting for the better days
  • Pattern # 3 - You have clothes with tags or worn only few times
  • Pattern # 4 - All clothes in your closet are clones
  • Pattern # 5 - Your wardrobe has lost its passion


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Rada Chalfin
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If your outfits aren't reflecting your awesomeness, we haven't met yet!

Hi! I’m Rada Chalfin, founder of Style U Best. I’m a style coach for women, who have lost their style to a busy life. I put together polished, modern and comfortable outfits which match their lifestyle and personality. When we're done, they'll open a closet with joy; get compliments, feel confident and attractive. They’ll spend less. look better, save time and end frustration during shopping.

I sincerely believe that any woman of any age can be stunning and stylish. Sometimes they just need a little help getting there.

I'll help you to close the gap between the beautiful person you are inside and how you look on the outside. I take pride in my work and I’m committed to the results.