Financial Management - Preparing for Adulthood

Empowering Individuals as they Transition to Adulthood. Creating Learning Opportunities. Educating on Financial Skills.
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Define and explain different types of bank accounts.
Identify and Label the Parts of a Check
Detect and Explain differences between debit and credit.
Understand and correctly complete a deposit or withdrawal slip to complete banking transactions.
Understand the steps necessary to open a bank account.
Identify steps one can take to develop positive credit history.
Create a budget based on self-priorities and financial needs/wants.


  • No prior experience is needed for taking this course!


Hello! I'm glad you're here! My name is Kelsey Karr, and I am the creator of this course, "Financial Management - Preparing for Adulthood." I created this course after reviewing literature and writing a literature review, which led me to determine that children aging out of the foster system are ill-prepared, worried, and unequipped for their transition to adulthood. Many children in the foster care community are not receiving resources and programs that are outlined by legislation. While this is a systematic issue overall, I am here to do my part and begin to bridge the gap for the foster care community.

The course covers several different areas that evidence has proven useful for successfully transitioning to adulthood, specifically with the area of financial management. Within the course, the student will have access to instructional videos, activities and assignments, as well as additional resources to utilize. It is my hope that whether you are in the foster care system or not, the information within the modules will help you feel more confident for this transition, and will ensure you have the tools necessary to be successful.

Through this course and through my overall mission with my doctoral capstone project, I truly hope to make a difference. I, Kelsey Karr, am here to empower, educate, and create opportunities.

Who this course is for:

  • This course was created to teach transitional financial management skills for individuals preparing for or transitioning to adulthood. Those under 18 may use the services/utilize the course only if a parent or guardian opens their account, handles any enrollments, and manages their account usage. Anyone over the age of 18 is free to access this course independently. The course will follow all Udemy policies regarding the signing up and participation of minors.


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Kelsey Karr
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Hi, I'm glad you're here! I grew up in the small town of Jasper, Texas. After graduating high school, I moved to College Station, Texas where I attended Texas A&M University. I graduated in December 2020 from Texas A&M University after attending for 2.5 years to complete my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology Motor Behavior, with a minor in psychology. I love school so much that after getting my bachelors degree, I started on my doctorate. I am a current student with Baylor's Doctoral Occupational Therapy Program, scheduled to graduate in December 2022.

Throughout my life, I have had involvement with the foster care community, spending several years of my childhood helping my mother foster kids in our local area. While at Baylor, I have completed extensive literature searches, identifying gaps and needs that exist for the individuals involved in the foster care system.  Through my literature review, I have found that children aging out of the foster care system require additional support and education on areas necessary for successfully transitioning to adulthood. That is why I have created my first program on Udemy, focused on helping those making that transition to adulthood, specifically by empowering them and increasing their self-efficacy on various areas within the modules.

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