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How to become financially independent and not rely on a traditional 9-5 income stream
How to retire early
Simple and optimal investing strategies
Habits of everyday millionaires


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Financial independence flips the traditional work to retirement ratio upside down; instead of working for 40-50 years, then retiring for the duration of your life, financial independence advocates working for 5-20 years, saving aggressively and being intentional with your financial decisions, and then "retiring" to pursue your hobbies for the next 30-60 years.

In this course, you will learn to:

1. Build a personal budget and investing strategy

2. Align your spending with your values

3. Design a life that achieves financial independence so that you can focus your time on things you enjoy rather than being a slave to traditional employment

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, and recent college graduates looking to improve their financial acumen
  • Anyone who is not passionate about or content with their career


Financial Independence Expert
Christopher Rose
  • 3.9 Instructor Rating
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  • 5,653 Students
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I am a passionate personal finance professional dedicated to helping others live a more intentional life by making conscious decisions with their finances. Every choice made is a trade-off, and those choices are often made far too cavalierly, especially with our two most precious resources, time and money. By making more deliberate choices, we can increase our happiness in both the short and long term.

I started my career working in corporate finance, a career that caused stress, burn-out, and soul-searching. After quickly realizing that this was not my long-term path, I worked in consulting in Manhattan for three years. I then returned to the west coast to establish a decade-long career in ecommerce and tech industries. Currently, I work for StubHub's analytics department (an ebay subsidiary) while working toward financial independence.

Outside of work, I am a husband and father who lives to spend time with his amazing wife, Gina, and our young daughter, Avery. They are truly my best friends and great companions along my life journey. I am an avid cyclist and hiker, and when not pursuing professional goals, I can be found taking day trips to Mount Tam or weekend trips to Yosemite.

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