Financial Literacy for Teens

Learn what they don't (but should) teach you in school.
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Prepare teens and young adults for the financial aspect of their lives.
Learn how to use credit wisely.
Learn how to avoid becoming victims fraud.
Learn how to manage money wisely and proactively.
Prepare teens for future big purchases, such as a car or a house.


  • No requirements necessary, but this course is recommended for teens 13 years old or above.


This course helps prepare teens for the world of money! From your first paycheck to life after retirement, this course offers the most complete set of tools to prepare teens for adulthood.

And why is it important that you learn about money? Because you will be using money your ENTIRE life! And, unfortunately, most adults (myself included) struggle with making wise financial decisions because we were never taught how to use money wisely and how to maximize every dollar we earn.

This course offers a good grasp on how money works and how to use it wisely, without having to settle for a 40/40/40 plan (work 40 hours a week for 40 years to live on 40% of your salary after retirement).

We need our future generations to thrive financially and the best way to do it, is to teach them about money BEFORE they use it.

This course consists of 10 (+1 bonus) lessons on important financial skills such as: banking, budgeting, saving for the future, avoiding becoming a victim of fraud and scams, understanding credit, entrepreneurship,  and much more!

Note, only Lesson 1: Banking Basics is available at the moment, but the course will keep updating regularly until all lessons are published.

Who this course is for:

  • Teens and Young Adults wanting to learn about the world of money.
  • Anyone who feels never learned the basics of managing their money wisely.


Math & Science Tutor turned Financial Advocate
Isabel De La Cruz
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  • 1,682 Students
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After over 7 years of tutoring 1-on-1, I decided to start a YouTube channel to provide

FREE tutoring to students all around the world.

My mission has always been to add value to our younger generations by making

Math and Science fun, simple and applicable to everyday life.

However, I have come to realize that the curriculum provided in most schools

barely prepares students for one CRUCIAL aspect of their lives:

how to handle their finances!

This is why I have decided to focus my channel on Financial Literacy. Not only because it is a necessary topic, but because it's something my students crave.

If you find value in my classes, please make sure to SHARE them with someone you think could benefit from them. Let's keep spreading this much-needed knowledge.

You're welcome to check out my YouTube channel: Isabel Explains

I look forward to helping you in your financial journey! :)

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