Introduction to Figure Drawing - Design a Dynamic Character
4.0 (69 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Introduction to Figure Drawing - Design a Dynamic Character

Figure Drawing foundations to create Dynamic Characters and master Drawing Anatomy. Improve your character design skills
4.0 (69 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,117 students enrolled
Last updated 11/2019
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What you'll learn
  • Master Figure Drawing by creating Dynamic Characters
  • Learn to draw Features like Eyes, Ears, and Expressions
  • Use Basic Shapes to convey Body Movement and Expression
  • Master many different techniques to use art for fun and enjoyment
  • Better understand the Basics of Drawing
  • Design your own Character from Scratch
  • Learn to Love Figure Drawing
  • Have a Computer with Internet Access.
  • You'll only need a Pencil + Pen and Paper, or a Computer + Tablet with a Drawing Software of your choice.
  • The will to learn!

Do you want to Start Figure Drawing but don't know where and how?

Would you like some guidance on what to do and what NOT to do when drawing figures and anatomy?

I've got you covered.

Over a THOUSAND people have taken this Figure Drawing Course and we keep adding updates to it!

So many people can't be wrong. 

Here's an example Review from one of our student artists:

"Amazing teacher. Simple and fun creative exercises to stretch your drawing abilities."

Here you'll learn how to understand Figure Drawing easily and quickly, and put your drawing skills to use right away.

This is what you'll be learning throughout the Course:

  • Use shapes to create Body Masses of your Character so it looks super Dynamic;

  • Use Anatomy Reference Material and Inspiration to improve your Figure Drawing Skills!

  • Start drawing from Scratch or with your previous Idea and Design your Dream Character.

  • The course is Constantly updated with more Resources and Content so you can keep on learning and improving your skills!

This course will equip you with the knowledge to design amazing characters!

Come and take this Figure Drawing Course with me!

The course is covered digitally, using a drawing tablet and software (Clip Studio Paint). This is mostly so it's easier for me to record and show you my exact drawing process without worrying about other things getting in the way.

Everything that you learn here can be used in traditional art, the basics are exactly the same! Only the tools change.

So feel free to use a pencil and a piece of paper to follow along this course.

Throughout this Drawing Course, we will cover a lot of Character Design features in bite-sized Classes so you don't feel overwhelmed. We'll go through How to Draw Step by Step each individual feature.

From Eyes, Lips and Noses... to other anatomy parts like the Torso, Arms, Hands, and Legs.

Currently here are the Major Headlines of what's in the Course:

  • Gesture Drawing for posing your characters dynamically;

  • Figure Drawing Anatomy Shapes and Masses;

  • Drawing Heads in 3/4 View;

  • Creating Facial Features and Expressions;

  • Drawing Hair and Beard;

  • Drawing every Body part of the human anatomy;

  • And much more.

Bring your Figure Drawing skills to the next level.

Why should you take this Course?

Are you tired of hearing a professional artist just commenting on their drawing instead of actually teaching you?

Then this is the course for you.

This is one of the most complete figure drawing courses on Udemy. Not only that, but it also doesn't give you just hours and hours of drawing theory without getting you the results YOU want.

You will be drawing right along throughout the course, and will see your figure drawing and anatomy drawing skills improve along the way!

There are Practical figure drawing Assignments for you to create during the drawing course so that you can put your Skills to the test right away, and I highly encourage you to do so!

Start drawing your own Characters and illustrations with small step by step exercises.

Learn The Basics And Beyond.

In this figure drawing course, you'll not only be able to learn the general shapes to create your dynamic characters, but also to go into detail on how to draw each body part that you want.

You will learn how to draw step by step any facial feature or anatomy part that you have difficulty with.

Each Section can be watched independently. So you can practice Drawing specific body parts of the human anatomy, or specific part of the figure that you have trouble with.

This course is COMPLETELY self-paced.

Allowing you to take the time you need to learn everything about figure drawing.

What if I have Questions?

Not only this is a full course that will take you from start to finish in improving your figure drawing skills and creating better characters, but I'll also be answering your Questions and helping you get better and faster at your own Drawings.

So this is a place for you to discuss and seek help as well!

You'll never find yourself stuck in the middle of this figure drawing course, I'll be right there with you helping out along the way.

I love helping my students grow.

There's no risk here!

If you're still not certain if this is the course for you, I offer a 30-day 100% Moneyback Guarantee in the first 30 days of purchasing the course - no questions asked.

This is a Drawing Course where we break down and simplify Figure Drawing and Character Design step by step, so it is intended for any Beginner that wants to improve their Drawing skills.

If you're new to drawing anatomy as well, this is the place for you. We're going to break each section of our Character Design process one step after the other, so you can improve your anatomy drawing skills for each body part.

Learn to love Figure Drawing.

Let's get started with this drawing journey!

Join the Course and I'll see you in this Figure Drawing Course right after!

Who this course is for:
  • You'd like to Master Figure Drawing.
  • You want to improve your Drawings but don't know where to start.
  • You want to sharpen up your Drawing Skills, or need a place to Start.
  • You want to Design your own Character from Scratch.
Course content
Expand all 106 lectures 09:37:08
+ Introduction And What You Will Be Learning
2 lectures 03:42

In this Lecture we'll be talking about who I am (Patricia Caldeira and what we'll be covering in the Course!

At the end of this Lecture you'll better understand what we'll be talking about during the Course and what you'll be able to do once you've completed it!

Preview 02:31
Get A Guaranteed Win Out Of This Course!
+ Figure Drawing with Gesture Drawing
3 lectures 07:39

Learn where to get References and Resources to help you improve your Drawings and better Mimic Real Life. The reference Websites I talk in the Video are:

  • (artist.pixelovely stopped existing after this video was created)

After this Lecture you'll be able to easily find Poses and Anatomy insight to perfect your drawings and draw Inspiration from.

Preview 02:22

Here we'll be sketching a couple of new Poses according to the websites we've covered in the past Lecture. You'll be able to follow along while I Sketch the Pictures that were randomly selected from the website or just go on your own and follow the tips given in the Video.

After this Lecture you'll be able to better find the Line of Action and create Body Masses for your Character.

Time to do some Sketching

In this Lecture we'll be cleaning up the Sketch so it stays clearer and with Smoother Lines, perfecting our previous drawing(s).

At the end of the Lecture you'll have better knowledge on how to "Clean" up your Sketches so you can keep on working them to a more finalized State.

Cleaning up the Sketch
+ Digital Painting your Character
3 lectures 07:39

Learn where to get Inspiration and Reference Material that you can use for your Digital Paintings, including Color Palettes from different Websites.

After this Lecture you'll be able to easily find new and refreshing Color Palettes that you can use to help you set the right Mood on your Character Design.

Getting Inspiration and References for the Color Palette

Here we'll be using a Color Palette from the previous Lecture and painting our Character Body and Clothing.

After this Lecture you'll be able to more easily paint your Character's Base Colors in an orderly fashion.

Adding Base Colors
Shadows and Highlights for extra Depth
+ Drawing A Head Reference And Ears
5 lectures 20:40

In this Lecture we'll be covering different Types of Ears, from Narrow, to Round to Pointy Ears and the differences between them.

After this Lecture you'll be able to better understand which types of Ears fit each Character you're Creating.

Preview 01:08

In this Lecture we'll be creating a Head Reference on two different Positions (Front and Side) so you can use it to create your Facial Features.

I'll also be including a pre-made Head Reference that you can use instead, although I highly recommend you make your own for Practice Purposes!

At the end of this Lecture you'll be able to Create a Head Reference Drawing to serve as a Base to add Facial Features.

Making a Head Reference

Here you'll learn how to create Narrow Ears, these are pretty slim Ears that can be used in several types of Characters. I'll be going into more depth in the video.

After this Class you'll be able to draw Narrow Ears in different Positions and use them in different types of Characters that you Design.

Drawing a Narrow Ear

In this Lecture you'll be learn how to draw Round Ears, these are usually larger Ears with Smoother lines.

After this Lecture you'll be able to draw Round Ears in different Positions and use them in different Types of Characters that you Design.

Draw Round Ears

Here you'll learn how to draw Pointy Ears, these are used a lot on Fantasy Characters like Elfs but they can be used on simpler Characters if you don't exaggerate them a lot.

After this Lecture you'll be able to draw Pointy Ears in different Positions and use them in different Types of Characters that you Design.

Pointy Ears
+ Learn to draw Noses!
4 lectures 16:03

In this Lecture you'll learn about different types of Noses, from Square to Round to Pointy Noses and understand which Character type fits each Nose. They all have situational uses but you can try using them in different Characters and see what works better. Experimentation is key!

After this Lecture you'll learn more about the 3 Major Types of Noses and where they fit in the types of Characters you Design.

Preview 01:05

Here you'll learn how to draw a Square Nose, usually portrayed by strong Characters or older Folk.

After this Lecture you'll be able to create a strong looking Square Nose to fit the Characters that you Design on your Figure Drawings.

Square Noses

In this Lecture you'll learn how to draw a Round Nose, usually portrayed in Cuter, Simpler or even Funnier characters.

After this Lecture you'll be able to learn how to create Round Noses and draw them on Characters that you Design on your Figure Drawings.

Round Noses

Here you'll learn how to draw Pointy Noses, although these are usually portrayed in Snob or "High-Class" Characters, they can be used on different types of Character Design to great extents!

After this Lecture you'll be able to create Pointy Noses for your Character Design needs in Figure Drawing.

Draw Pointy Noses
+ Learn to draw Eyes and Expressions!
6 lectures 16:32

In this Lecture we'll talk about different types of Eye Shapes, from Angular to Round to Rectangular and how they fit in Each Character type.

After this Lecture you'll be able to better decide when to use each Eye Shape depending on the Character that you are Designing (Evil, Good, Snob, Cute, etc)

Different Eye Shapes

Here we'll be talking about where to correctly Place the Eye and using the correct Eye Proportions on your Character's Head. I'll be showing a few examples to better demonstrate different positions.

After this Lecture you'll have more knowledge on where to place the Eyes correctly and make the Porportion to fit the type of character you're trying to Design.

Placement and Size of the Eye

Master how to position and Place the Eye using a Head Reference, Improve your Drawings with this Step by Step Reference guide.

Further Eye Placement (with a Head Reference)

In this Lecture we'll be adding Detailing and Depth to the Eye, we'll be covering Eyelashes and the impact that it can make on your Character Design.

After this Lecture you'll have better knowledge on how to increase the expression of your Character's Eyes by adding the correct Details.

Preview 01:24

In this Lecture we'll be drawing different types of Eyebrows, covering Angles, if they are Hairy or not and other Design Choices.

After this Lecture you'll have better knowledge on when to use each type of Eyebrow on the Character that you are Designing.

Drawing the Eyebrows

In this Lecture we'll be drawing different Expressions with the help of the Eyebrow Position and type. We'll be covering Happy, Sad and other Emotions.

After this lecture you'll have an easier time Conveying emotion through your Character Facial Features.

Creating fun Expressions!
+ Learn to Draw Mouths and Chins!
12 lectures 36:36

Learn to draw Natural Lips, one of the most Simple Lips characters have.

Drawing Natural Lips

Learn to draw Thin Lips in a Variety of shapes and form!


Drawing Thin Lips!

Learn to Draw Full and Lush Lips for your Character.

Draw Full and Lush Lips

Learn to Place the Mouth depending on the Head Perspective.

Placing the Lips and Perspective

Let's compare the Difference between Female and Male Lips.

Female vs Male Lips

Learn to Draw Feminine Chins and what you should keep an Eye on!

Drawing Feminine Chins

Let's quickly compare the different base Feminine Chins

Quick Comparison between Feminine Chins

Let's Draw Masculine Chins and pay attention to these Features.

Drawing Masculine Chins

Let's quickly compare the differences between Masculine Chins

Quick Comparison between Masculine Chins

Let's draw some Happy Expressions! We'll cover 4 different expressions in this Video.

Drawing (happy) Expressions! Part 1

Let's draw Sad and Angry expressions! Let's wrap it up with 4 more expressions.

Drawing (sad and angry) Expressions! Part 2

Let's draw some Mouths according to the Sounds we make. We cover 4 different cases with a high number of Letters.

Draw Mouths according to the Sounds!
Hey again, let's go over a quick Assignment for you to do, this will help you a lot in getting better at Figure Drawing, specially improving your Face Drawing skills, so I really recommend you don't skip this and just take a few minutes of your day to do it!
Let's Practice what we've learned!
3 questions
+ Master Drawing Hair!
7 lectures 43:29
Finding References and a Special Place!
Drawing Short Hair
Drawing Long Hair!
Different Short Hair in Men
Types of Hair: Straight Hair!
Types of Hair: Wavy Hair!
Types of Hair: Curly Hair
+ Different Types of Beard and how to Draw them!
4 lectures 24:41
Draw a Short Stubble Beard!
Draw a Medium-Sized Full Beard
Draw a Long and Full Beard
Other Types of Beards, let's Draw together!
It's time to Practice! Put your new-found skills to good use, and create a Head Bust.
Time to Practice! Head Drawing with Hair and Beard
3 questions
+ Draw a Head in a 3/4 View! Improve your Perspective
10 lectures 50:12

Let's draw the Head Base that we'll be using throughout the rest of the Section. 

Let's Start with the Head Base!

Tips on Drawing the Eyes on a 3/4 View! Practice with me.

Eye Drawing in a 3/4 Head

Let's Draw the Nose in a 3/4 Head View, practice with me some different types!

Drawing a Nose in a 3/4 Head

Let's now add the Mouth to the Head Reference! Some things you should know about.

Adding the Mouth to the Face Drawing

Let's add the Ear (singular in this case!) to the 3/4 Head View. Pretty straightforward, let's go on with it!

Drawing the Ear(s) on a 3/4 View

Drawing Hair in a 3/4 Head View is pretty simple, here's how!

Hair Drawing in 3/4 View

Extra super quick video on drawing the Beard in a 3/4 View, let's draw a quick stubble.

EXTRA: Drawing a Quick Beard / Stubble in 3/4 View

Time to Clean everything up and make it look extra awesome. Let's do this together!

Cleaning up the Lines of the Entire Head!

We've almost done it! Time to Color the Head now. Let's do this!

Coloring the Head in 3/4 View

Thank you for watching! You're awesome! That's it for now, join me later for Drawing the Torso and more!

Conclusion (for Now!)
Hey there, good job watching the videos so far, I hope you've been practicing while watching. Let's now dive in to a Practical Assignment.
Let's Improve Together! Practice time! (Don't skip this!)
4 questions