Female Psychology: Understand YOURSELF and women AROUND YOU

The basics of female psychology to find your path to happiness and success using Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Omega, Delta, Sigma
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The Basics of Female Psychology
In-depth analysis of the 6 Female Type Module
What are Social Roles and how they influence us
Comparative Analysis of Personality Types
Detailed and accurate creation of Personality Descriptions
A holistic understanding of women without putting labels


  • This course requires no previous knowledge in the field, as the information provided is on a Beginner Level (basics).


This course is created BY, ABOUT, and FOR WOMEN!

Have you ever wondered who you truly and honestly are? Have you ever wondered why you react in a certain way, why you like certain things, how you choose, and what you feel?

This course is here to help you find answers to all these questions!

By the end of all the classes, which contain both theoretical information and practical exercises, you will:

- have a general overview of female psychology;

- know more about female types and social roles;

- be able to combine pieces and create real personality descriptions based on combinations;

- know more about Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Omega, Delta, and Sigma,

- be able to distinguish and better understand the motives and feeling of each type of personality;

- learn about your unique strengths and weaknesses,

- understand your uniqueness;

- stop believing in stereotypes and comparing yourself to others;

- start your own journey to happiness, fulfillment, and success.

This course is suited to everyone and anyone as it contained only the basics ( Beginner Level Information). Also, these classes are meant to show you the right path and set you on your life-long journey of self-finding and development, so the course might end- by the transformation never does!

Along the videos recorded exclusively for this course, you will also get a FREE PDF version of the "Female Psychology: Understand YOURSELF and women AROUND YOU" course work-book.

Who this course is for:

  • Women all over the World, of any age & background, who are willing to start their journey to self-finding and development. Also this course is perfect for those who want to understand themselves and women around them better, in order to create stronger relationships, more successful collaborations, and help others.

Course content

4 sections17 lectures38m total length
  • Introduction
  • Misconceptions and Stereotypes Part 1
  • Misconception and Stereotypes Part 2
  • Easy Wrap-up on Introduction
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Luminita Florea
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A young woman from Moldova who moved at 18 to Austria and started a continuous journey of self-finding and development.

I am eternally in love with such topics as Communication; Psychology; Public Speaking; Presentation Skills; Body Language; Negotiation and Persuasion; Personal Branding; Storytelling; and Relationship Coaching.

Aside from interest, I've also gained a lot of theoretical knowledge and a lot of valuable experience in these fields:

- I am pleased to be an official TEDx Speaker, an opportunity that helped me unite Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Storytelling, and Relationships Coaching;

- I am a content creator on YouTube, a space where I upload weekly information on Communication, Body Language, Presentation Skills, Psychology, and many more;

- I am a certified Communication Psychologist, a distinction that helped me, even more, understand all the subconscious subtilities of human-interactions, persuasion, and people-reading.