Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academy Conception to 12 weeks
4.0 (4 ratings)
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Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academy Conception to 12 weeks

Grow alongside your baby and baby's mother from conception onward
4.0 (4 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
16 students enrolled
Last updated 12/2017
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What you'll learn
  • They will learn the 10 skills to develop during the conception to 12 weeks of pregnancy
  • No prerequisites

This is the first Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academy course conception - 12 weeks. 

We at Common Knowledge Trust are committed to passing on the 10 skills men developed within the Birthing Better childbirth preparation method. 

From the early 1970s fathers and mothers had developed incredible birth and birth-coaching skills. Then families realised we actually had to specifically prepare our pregnant body for birth. Finally, men just admitted (we all knew this!) that they were not keeping up from conception to The Birth. 

This means Birthing Better skills are basically a triad of skills that now range from conception through birth. 

If you already have a child you know how conception and pregnancy changes you and your baby's mother. 

If this is your first pregnancy you now know how huge this change is. 


Each of the 10 skills is discussed as an overview and then to yourself, baby and baby's mother. There are assignments that take about 10-15 minutes so you deepen your use of these skills. 

Pregnancy, birth preparation, The Birth and newborn period is unique from the viewpoint of father/other. This course focuses on your role, job, task and relationship during these Life transforming period. 


  1. 'You'll have a specific and clear pathway to grow as a human being and man from conception all the way through The Birth.
  2. You'll keep up. You won't get left behind. 
  3. You'll feel confident as you apply these 10 simple skills in your Life and your relationship to both your baby and baby's mother.
  4. These are Life skills and will carry over into all of your fatherhood.

You will be the first generation of men who will have skills for your role as a father and perhaps a partner/husband to your baby's mother. 

Who this course is for:
  • Fathers-to-be
Course content
Expand all 34 lectures 01:42:03
+ Introduction 1 Fathers-to-be Academy Conception to 12 weeks pregnancy
1 lecture 02:36

A great way to say hello to all the fathers-to-be. We know you will just have an amazing change in your life, become a more enriched human being, man, partner and father. You'll learn from fathers who developed Birthing Better skills. 

Preview 02:36
Write down a list of those skills. Don't peek at the lecture that reveals them. Think for yourself and you'll become a better person who can nut out the reasons why and why not.
What 10 skills do you think you need to grow from conception to birth?
1 question
+ The 10 skills fathers said were important to learn early
1 lecture 10:39

Here they are ... the 10 skills fathers asked me to share with other fathers-to-be

Preview 10:39
We asked you to make a list of your 10 skills
How did your 10 skills match up?
1 question
+ Kindness
5 lectures 17:54

Starting on your short journey through kindness

Kindness Introduction

Kindness is not about good thoughts, it's about doing kind actions.

Kindness is an action word
Reflect on a few memories of how you experienced kindness as a child and adult. This reflection should include both receiving and giving kindness.
Kindness in your life
1 question

This first phase of pregnancy will require you to show lots of kindness. 

Kindness to pregnant woman

Yes, even during this first phase of pregnancy your baby can experience your kindness.

Kindness to baby

Both women and men forget to be kind to themselves. Kindness is often confused with being selfish.

Kindness to self
Breaking pregnancy up into 5 phases will eventually make sense to you. When you look back years from now you will realise what a great gift you've given yourself, child and its mother by growing as a man.
What did you learn about kindness?
1 question
+ Patience
4 lectures 07:47

One of the most primal emotions. Curious that it's one of the 10 skills. You'll learn to reduce the struggle inside yourself between impatience and patience. A valuable skill to have. 

See patience and impatience as a set of scales.
Count the ways
2 questions

You deserve to have your partner be patient to you. You can't brow beat yourself when you feel impatient during this first phase of pregnancy. 

Patience toward self

This is first phase of pregnancy on the journey to fatherhood and motherhood is fraught with impatience and pushes you toward your own growth.

Patience to the woman

This first phase of pregnancy in regards to your baby's growth is like watching paint dry. Impatience and excitement vie for prominence. 

Patience to your child
We often identify ourselves as either being a patient or impatient person.
What have you learned about patience?
2 questions
+ Awareness
8 lectures 18:24

Words matter. Actions matter. Growing your awareness during this first phase of pregnancy matters.

Awareness Introduction

Take away the modern world and your awareness would be sharper

Awareness before the modern world

Awareness comes through our senses. 

Awareness Refinement

You already have many life experiences in which your awareness has moved you from novice to mastery of skills

Awareness and skills
Your awareness absolutely must grow as you move from 'becoming' to 'being' a parent. When we looked at patience as a skill. There are MANY impatient parents. These folks still need to grow awareness. In fact, being more aware can be the 'reasonable reason' people give for being impatient.
Being aware of being aware
1 question

Learn the first baby steps into awareness toward your self during this first phase of pregnancy

Awareness to yourself

Take the first steps to developing awareness to your baby when it's just dividing cells

Awareness to baby

Consider that awareness is sort of like when women say: 'You don't understand me'. 

Awareness Mother

On to the next skill. And if you feel tired, just remember how your partner feels. On the other hand if you feel enriched and eager to take this Hero's Journey through pregnancy and birth then you'll appreciate all the Birthing Better fathers who developed and refined these skills. 

Awareness Conclusion
You will have times, as does your partner, when you are taking care of your baby alone and sometimes together.
Partners in parenting
2 questions
+ Attention to detail
4 lectures 10:08

There is a huge difference between awareness and attention to detail. 

Attention to detail

Humans feel best when they are aware of themselves within their environment. 

Attention to detail Self

It's hard to pay attention to detail when your baby is a group of cells but don't wait until your baby is born to learn this skill as it relates to your child. 

Attention to details baby

Relationships can grow stronger or be broken apart due to attention to details. 

Attention to detail in relationships
Attention to detail is not so much about the future
Right now
2 questions
+ See what needs to be done and do it
4 lectures 11:19

Two issues that can wreck havoc in any relationship ... attention to detail and see what needs to be done and do it. You'll learn skills that can smooth the edges. 

See what needs to be done and do it
Since seeing what needs to be done and doing it is the cause of many relationship arguments, we'd like you to reflect on this within your family before you watch the videos.
Self-reflection moment
1 question

When you get this skill right your relationship will run smoother.

See what needs to be done and do it to pregnant woman

During this first phase of pregnancy how you create a balanced relationship with your baby's mother is most important particularly if she is experiencing morning sickness. 

See what needs to be done and do it to your baby

Women place a lot of demands of their partners during pregnancy but you need to take care of yourself

See what needs to be done and do it to yourself
Keep in mind that men, like yourself, developed all these skills equally with women. Not every family stayed together but every family grew when they grew together.
A new time is right now
1 question
+ Recap of first 5 skills
1 lecture 04:28

Just going over what we've talked about.

Recap of the first 5 skills
+ Grow second set of arms and eyes
2 lectures 05:32

If you have kids you know this skill. Hopefully you'll also learn some aspects of this skill you're not aware of. For first time fathers-to-be we'll reassure you that you too will grow this new set of arms.

Grow second set of arms
If you can juggle 5 balls then you'll understand how well you'll juggle being a dad.
Learn to juggle
1 question

Learn why, how and the importance of grow eyes in the back of your head. You want 360 degree vision as a dad.

Grow second set of eyes
Both women and men can be spacey, dreamy or intentionally ignore important things.
How spacey are you?
1 question
+ Humour
1 lecture 02:13

This skill will never let you down! Humour probably is not what you think it is. 

Humour during this first phase of pregnancy can be jokes ... sure go ahead but really there's a broader definition Birthing Better fathers want to explain to you.
Humour ... lightness
2 questions