WordPress, SEO, Website for beginners: Get results quickly !

Only for 1 hour, you will learn to operate wordpress step by step, and public your own website for the free way !
Rating: 3.1 out of 5 (22 ratings)
5,506 students
WordPress, SEO, Website for beginners: Get results quickly !
Rating: 3.1 out of 5 (22 ratings)
5,507 students
1. Know how to use wordpress
2. Build up our own online website for the free way
3. Use SEO knowledge promote your website


  • Want to learn Wordpress
  • Want to public your own website

The course , only for 1 hour, can let you know how to step by step to use wordpress backend, and public your website for free by learning the course. In this course will show the demo public website, as you follow the course step by step, you will have your own free website in a short time.

Who this course is for:
  • Be interesting in internet
  • Want to have our own website
  • Want to learn wordpress or php
3 sections • 20 lectures • 1h 24m total length
  • Introduction
  • 1.Register a free website in en wordpress com
  • 2.Install XAMPP locally, it has Windows or Max versions.mp4
  • 3.For easy to learn, install wordpress in local
  • 4.Dashboard
  • 5.Posts
  • 6.Media
  • 7.Pages
  • 8.Comments
  • 9.Appearance
  • 10.Plugins
  • 11.Users
  • 12.Tools
  • 13.Settings
  • 14.Import data into the life website
  • 15.Summarize the course
  • WAMP
  • Free backup method 1: export.xml
  • Free backup method 2: All-in-One WP Migration plugin
  • What is SEO ?

System analysis developer, Founder of Ho Source
Neo T
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Neo is a system analysis developer, have created an open source system: Ho Source CMS.

Neo is familiar with Laravel, Wordpress. Laravel is the best popular framework in PHP, and Wordpress is the most people use CMS in the world.

Neo like to make the courses. He will continue to provide the better courses in the future.

Neo feel pleasure to make his course here!