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Get some wins before you start your Spanish journey.
It can be FUN and EASY if you notice PROGRESS from your first day. In this course you will be able to understand the structure behind a question, behind a sentence, and how the flow on a Spanish conversation goes.
I teach the LINGO, the way that we speak Spanish.
My objective: PRACTICALITY. I want to give you the resources you need to START SPEAKING SPANISH.
I do not intend to fill you with grammar data that only paralyzes you because that way, you only move your attention away from speaking Spanish. And my ONLY OBJECTIVE is that you can COMMUNICATE IN SPANISH. I think they can be combined in a natural, easy and fun way.


  • None.
  • Just bring your willingness to learn and speak SPANISH. I will make sure to combining them with some actionable tasks that will help you to understand the structure of CONVERSATIONAL Spanish.


My ONLY OBJECTIVE is that you can COMMUNICATE IN SPANISH. Grammar is in second place.

After having taught Spanish for more than 10 years, I can tell you that the Spanish that your books teach you is not the same Spanish we speak. I think it's more valuable that we focus on teaching the lessons that you need to start communicating in Spanish, and then we add the grammar to reinforce your knowledge. In this course you will realize how easy it can be to learn Spanish if you get conclusive results, that is, that you can use it right after the lesson ends. Do you want me to let you know what I would do from keeping you AWAY from learning Spanish even if you want to speak Spanish to badly? I would begin by giving you the lesson of the verb to be and to be and I would fill you with grammatical data. But I am not a criminal and I understand the practical way in which human beings live day to day. It is necessary to have conclusive results of each lesson and use them immediately. This is how my lessons are. Fast, easy and practical.

Who this course is for:

  • Absolute beginners

Course content

4 sections7 lectures40m total length
  • Introduction
  • Personal Pronouns
  • How to conjugate the verbs ending in AR in PRESENT tense


Let me instill fun learning as a lifestyle for our families
Debbie Elias
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Hola. My name is Debbie Elias-Casarez, I was born and raised in Mexico. Autlan is my hometown, a cute and friendly city in the state of Jalisco, also where Carlos Santana was born.

It is very important for me to give you this message because before I was a businesswoman before I was a Spanish & English Tutor before I was the creator of Spanish in Seconds, Bee Academic Tutoring and VOCA, I was a student. And even though I have a Law degree, I had moments where I wanted to quit studying English. As you might be guessing, English is my second language, and I started studying it at an early age, but I was not able to grasp it…for decades. Imagine my HUGE frustration and all the feelings of failure combined… for decades.

Now that I look back, I can see how I finally did it, and now I’m happy to share with my students, the SYSTEM I created for me to speak a second language.

And after delivering tons of Spanish session to my students I know that it works as well for English speakers who want to SPEAK SPANISH. So, I would love to share with you my proven method to excel your Spanish learning and to SPEAK SPANISH, and this last one is the optimal goal.

That is why I’m committed to helping every single Spanish student that crosses my path; I leave them more excited to learn the language and provide them with the tools that will help them to enjoy learning.

My commitment, based on my personal journey, is to provide a STEP-BY-STEP learning method smooth enough for people who really want to SPEAK SPANISH; so they can experience the best learning life they can possibly create and ONCE AND FOREVER be able to SPEAK SPANISH.

That’s why I create courses. They are a platform for digital learning and entertaining experience for people who are interested in speaking SPANISH. I provide a fun and engaging language learning experience for Spanish students.

Sometimes, when I read emails where people share with me how burned out they feel after so many attempts at learning Spanish with no success, and I’m reminded of my past experience at not being able to SPEAK ENGLISH: sadness, hopelessness, anger, despair, frustration, and to add insult to injury, hearing my sisters speaking English with my father all day long.

I’m determined to help you and all the students who have a real interest in SPEAKING SPANISH.

You are in the right place! Welcome!