Fantasy Premier League - The Essential Guide 2018/2019

How to think about, understand and succeed in fantasy premier league.
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 (17 ratings)
901 students
Fantasy Premier League - The Essential Guide 2018/2019
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 (17 ratings)
901 students
Understand how to structure your team
Understand how price movement works
Understand what expected goals & expected assists (xG/xA) are and why they're so useful
Approach FPL decision making with impartiality
Detach yourself from attachment to short term results
Avoid fuzzy thinking


  • You'll need an internet connection, an FPL account and a desire to improve, whether a beginner or a more experienced player!

Update: FPL is a seasonal game and this was made ahead of the 18/19 season, therefore some of the info is now out of date. Anyone can now join for free, but I'd advise caution as there may be outdated/incomplete ideas. Nonetheless, I hope there is something useful should you look through the videos.

If anyone is curious, I finished 247th this season, which is a pretty amazing achievement after 238th last season!

Welcome to Fantasy Premier League - The Essential Guide 2018/2019

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) has exploded in popularity in recent years, and that popularity has led to more and more blogs, online communities, and discussions surrounding the game. However, a lot of the time it can seem like information overload. Endless stat tables, excel spreadsheets, conflicting opinions and seemingly no right answers. Unfortunately, this is a side effect of a game with incredibly high variance, where it's difficult to determine whether the decisions you make are good or bad. 

The aim of this course is to present what I think are useful concepts which can be used to build a mental framework on how to think about the game. We'll go over the basics of expected goals and expected assists, the most fundamentally accurate statistic to predict future success of both individual players and teams. We'll aim to avoid fuzzy thinking, and focus on where the points actually come from, so we don't end up conflicted and stressing over minute details that aren't worth lending too much time and energy towards.

This game is supposed to be for fun, and I want it to stay fun for everyone. As anyone who takes it seriously, however, whether you're aiming for a high overall rank or you just want to beat your family/work mates in mini-leagues, it can be pretty depressing when things don't go your way, especially over periods of weeks at a time. We will talk about why focusing on short term outcomes isn't healthy, nor useful, and that all that matters is the decisions at the time you make them. That's all we can control and we have to accept this!

My name is Tim, and although I've only three seasons experience under my belt, I've spent a great deal of time trying to understand how to succeed in this game, going from a finish of 251,641 in 15/16, to 6,151 in 16/17 and a pretty outstanding 238 in 17/18, for which I won a small token of £150 from my mini-leagues. I want to show my approach and why I don't think this was a fluke, as I aim to achieve another top 10k finish this coming season

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone looking to expand their understanding and knowledge of this addictive game, from beginners to those looking for an edge in mini-leagues, especially where they've cash at stake.
10 sections • 47 lectures • 1h 50m total length
  • Welcome! What's in this Course?
  • A Bit More Information
  • What this Course is Not
  • Disclaimer
  • Create an Account and Overview
  • Chips
  • How Points are Scored
  • Injuries and Autosubs
  • Price Movement
  • Leagues
  • £100Million to Spend - Initial Considerations
  • Let's Talk About Value
  • Captaincy Options
  • What is a Balanced Team?
  • There is no "Correct" Formation
  • Classifications - OOP
  • Common Mistakes
  • Example Team 1 - Salah + Kane 3-4-3
  • Example Team 2 - Premium Keeper 3-4-3
  • Example Team 3
  • Tasks: Your Turn!
  • A Game of Decisions
  • A Poker Analogy
  • "Granit Xhaka Scored 10 and is Only 5.5! Who Should I Sell for Him?"
  • How Valuable is each Transfer?
  • When Should I Take a -4?
  • Why Can't I Afford this Transfer? They were the Same Price?
  • Fixture Tickers and Planning Ahead
  • Team Value
  • Ownership
  • Twitter
  • Task: When the Season Starts
  • What are xG/xA?
  • Accuracy Considerations
  • Task: Your Turn to Explore the Wonderful World of xG/xA
  • First Wildcard
  • Second Wildcard, Bench Boost, Triple Captain, Free Hit
  • Go with your Gut
  • This Situation Could Happen!
  • Cover
  • When FPL Stops Being Fun
  • Who Pressed Confirm? Taking Responsibility for your Team
  • Make your Own Mini-League Rules
  • I Hope you Have Found this Presentation Useful!
  • Casuals, Fancy Play Syndrome and Admitting you Know Nothing about FPL
  • Different Thought Process, Same Outcome
  • Have I Missed Something?

BEng, Digital Marketer, Fantasy Football Enthusiast
Timothy Shelbourne
  • 4.2 Instructor Rating
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Since I reluctantly joined my friend's Fantasy Premier League private league three seasons ago, I've gone from someone who only loosely followed football to finishing 238th out of nearly six million players last season.

Games like Fantasy Premier League are not just an opportunity to have fun, but a chance to improve your decision making. The ability to find better answers to questions won't simply help you in Fantasy, but in life!

I want to share my blueprint to give beginners and those looking to improve a better platform from which to develop their own ideas, so they dominate their mini-leagues, improve their overall rank and have more fun.