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Increase your skills to increase your VALUE!
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How to be a value adding new employee while developing a skill based career.


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Have that new job that makes you nervous on the drive in? Are you looking to get a promotion in your current role? Learn how to improve your skills and increase your VALUE! By taking this class, you will learn new techniques, tips and tricks to fine tune your skills in pursuit of a skill-based career!

Who this course is for:

  • New Employees
  • Job Seekers
  • Employees

Course content

5 sections5 lectures1h 28m total length
  • Introduction and Marketable Skills Explained!
  • New Employee Success - Skill Assessment
    3 questions


Founder of The People of Manufacturing
Greg Serio
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I am a natural born Floridian with a passion for my home state, I work everyday to serve my community in order to serve my beloved MANUFACTURING industry.

My mission - to promote higher paying skill based careers to show the vast opportunities waiting in every sector of Manufacturing and Technology. We strive to be the voice of the men and women keeping the industry on the move. It seems the majority agrees, there is a lack of skilled labor in this country. Being one of the many reasons our manufacturing sectors have struggled for so long.

With Manufacturing on the uptick, employer’s growths have been stunted by the lack of skilled tradespeople. Our Manufacturers need help. Our solution is simple, Education. The only way to learn a skilled trade - is by learning Hands-On.