Famous Teachers: Part Two

A chance to master five of the most effective teaching methods ever invented!
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On completion of this course of five lectures you will be able to describe the teaching methods of five famous teachers: Muhammad, Hildegard, Galileo, Nightingale and Gandhi. Knowing these methods will increase your ability to reach students.


  • You need to know how to use a personal computer to watch videos and to read .pdf files.


One of the secrets of good teaching is asking yourself: How would a world-famous teacher like Nightingale have tackled this subject? How would she have challenged and inspired her students to become better and more efficient? How would Gandhi have challenged his students to understand and the deal with this particular injustice? What would Hildegarde have answered this particular student's question? How did Galileo make his concepts of planetary motion mean something to his lab assistant? What method did Muhammad hit upon to widen the horizons of his illiterate followers? Why did Hildegarde invent an isolation and meditation chamber? Why did she involve her students in elaborate projects to produce illuminated manuscripts and to prepare moving songs for her students to sing in harmony?

The teaching methods of Muhammad, Hildegard, Galileo, Nightingale and Gandhi were so effective that they changed the lives of millions. Five lectures tell you how they did it. Try some of these wonderful teaching methods for yourself!

If you are planning to be a teacher or are presently teaching, then this course will provide you with novel ideas for challenging your students to reach new levels of accomplishment. Learn how Hildegard and her students worked together to produce wonderful visualizations, and discover why Nightingale handed out crowbars to her student nurses!

Five lectures and seven .pdf files describe the methods of these famous teachers in detail.

Who this course is for:

  • This is super course for anyone interested in teaching. If you want to be a teacher, or you are a teacher already, why not learn from the masters?


Professor Anthony Barton
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Professor Barton is a retired Associate Professor of Education who taught at Dalhousie University in Canada for more than a quarter of a century, helping undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students understand the profounder aspects of teaching. He taught a popular undergraduate course on 'The Methods of Famous Teachers' to 250 students. He made a habit of greeting each student individually as they entered the lecture hall with a summary of the life and work of the famous teacher, and did his best to illustrate that famous teacher's work with slides, videos and so forth.

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