Facebook Libra Business/Technical Fundamentals with Demos

Understanding What Facebook Libra really means.
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What Facebook’s Libra coin is and how it benefits their consortium
What is the Libra Association and why its membership is critical to understand
Structure or the Libra Cryptocurrency and Reserve assets
Comparing Libra to Ethereum/Bitcoin and Ripple
Libra Wallet Options and transactions
Privacy and Security Concerns
World Cryptocurrency as Facebook and Paypal? Where is this going?
What is the new programming language Move about?
How the Libra Testnet works and how to get started.


  • Cryptocurrency experience with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum since comparisons will be referenced.
  • Engineers/Developers with knowledge in programming, networking and architecture


UPDATE: Facebook Libra has been rebranded as well as the Collibra wallet. Major changes have been announced and the release date is now in flux. Course will be fully updated when these changes are "official" from Facebook.

This course covers both the technical aspects as well as the business aspects of Libra. Presented by an actual blockchain engineer who actually deploys blockchains and is an active crypto currency miner and investor.

Demos are provided and deployed on the GCP platform.

Facebook’s announcement of the Libra blockchain project has created significant interest from both a media perspective and also from Facebook current user base. There is also significant confusion about what Libra is and Libra’s components such as the wallet Collabra.

The key value perhaps underlying Facebooks’ Libra project is that the transfer of money from person to person is similar to the ease of transfer of information. This session will cover both the potential business aspects of Libra and also the currently defined technical aspects of Libra. Discussion will also focus on cryptocurrency basics as compared to the Libra will be covered.

The Libra wallet and current transaction options will be covered as well. Other concerns such privacy and security concerns are with Libra. A demo of the Libra testnet as well as other resources to enable rapid learning of this new and exciting cryptocurrency.

This course will provide you with the following.

Hands On Demos- In this course we will cover with step by step instructions on how to deploy Facebook Libras testnet on Google Cloud Platform and run test transactions.

Whiteboards - Discussions around the Libra project structure and how it will likely come together. 

Insight - Libra poses some challenges but also presents some opportunities.

Course Materials- Over 90 pages of course content.

Google Cloud Platform(GCP)  - Step by Step Libra testnet on Compute Engine demo instructions.

Amazon Web Services(GCP) - Step by Step Libra testnet on EC2 demo instructions.

Who this course is for:

  • You need an introduction to Facebook’s Libra coin and its framework, services, capabilities and use cases
  • You are an aspiring blockchain engineer or developer who wants to learn more about Libra and its programming resources
  • You need to understand use cases for Facebook’s Libra Coin for your career
  • You may be a cryptocurrency investor trying to understand where Libra really fits in.

Course content

6 sections30 lectures1h 27m total length
  • Introduction
  • Course Prereqs
  • Disclosure
  • Download Course Slides


Cloud Computing and Blockchain Architect/Blogger/Trainer
Joseph Holbrook (The Cloud Tech Guy)
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