Express Japanese for Beginners: 1 NounはNounです & Styles.

A customer has spoken frankly, what do you do? Have simple conversations with strangers in a short period of time.
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Know what the style is and why it matters.
You will eventually learn 3 different styles.
You will study the positive, negative, and interrogative forms of Japanese Basic Syntax 1 by style.
By speaking simple Japanese using English words, you will acquire the basics of composition.


  • No experience of studying Japanese is required.
  • This course aims to enable you to have a polite conversation in a short time with business partners and strangers.
  • It is not exam preparation such as JLPT. Look for another course to prepare for the exam.
  • An environment where you can practice speaking out loud is desirable.
  • The vocabulary you learn in this course is minimal. Instead, you can focus on remembering the core. Even if you are not good at memorizing, please try it.
  • You need an environment where you can read aloud.


Need to start studying Japanese for work or other reasons?

And do you have to speak Japanese right away?

In cases like yours, one of the first issues you face when conversing with Japanese people is "Style".

If you don't know "Style", you may be shocked to find that you can't understand what Japanese people are saying, even though it should be a simple phrase. It's not that you didn't study enough, it was just that the order in which you studied was wrong.

In order to be able to use Japanese as quickly as possible, it is essential to know not only the basic syntax but also the concept of "Style".

In general, writing style and speaking style, formal or casual.

In Japanese, several of these elements are combined to express one's own position while considering the other person's position. This kind of psychological exchange takes place behind the scenes. It is the same whether it is a conversation or a sentence.

But you can't learn about style by studying standard beginner's texts.

In the beginner's course, it is normal to be able to speak the basics politely.

In the beginner-intermediate course, you will learn plain sentences necessary for grammar. Talking casually is not studying.

When you become an intermediate student, you will be asked how you can speak with respect to the other person. Thoroughly learn honorific styles.

And for advanced Japanese learners, it is important to be able to choose the degree of politeness depending on the situation.

In this way, standard Japanese learning aims to speak politely. Casual conversation is given very little importance.

This is because Japanese is often required in business situations and when visiting guests.

However, whether in conversations with customers or in private, if you always speak in awe-inspiring manner, you will not be able to close the psychological distance. Also, you miss the signs that the other person is trying to get close.

That's why you need to know about style early on.

This course will teach you the most basic syntax and basic ideas about style that beginners need to learn quickly.

1) The syntax you will learn in this course is "noun(s) is/am/are noun(s)".   Learn the positive, interrogative and negative forms of this basic structure.

2) Learn mostly about two most important styles.   They are called polite style and plain style. These two are standard styles used in both business and private life, and at the same time they are important grammatical foundations. If you lack either one, your Japanese will not improve.

3) Finally, we introduce the third style. This style of speaking, which is used when talking to someone close to you, is often heard in anime, manga, and dramas.

All of them are important contents that will be the basis for future Japanese learning. Please master it.

Who this course is for:

  • You are completely new to Japanese but want to be able to use Japanese as soon as possible.
  • You have studied a little but want to learn from the basics again.
  • You've studied a little, but you are having trouble understanding the Japanese spoken by Japanese people.
  • You want a real foundation that I can use after this course.
  • You can study for about 20 minutes a day for a week.


Yuko Hashimoto
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  • 508 Students
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I am a Japanese teacher. I teach mainly online.

I really like online lessons because I can take lessons with people from different countries and backgrounds.

I know many people are interested in Japanese. I am very happy, but at the same time I know that it is considered difficult.

Even if you learn a lot of sentence patterns and practice conversation, it seems that there are many people who are troubled because they cannot understand well.

Before attempting to "learn" or "speak," we recommend taking the step of "understanding."

Japanese is a language system completely different from English. Knowing the characteristics of Japanese at an early stage will make studying later on much easier.

Whether you are a beginner or want to learn from the basics again, let's study together.

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