Exploring RPA with ElectroNeek: Automation Technology and To

What is it and how does it work?
Rating: 4.1 out of 5 (154 ratings)
3,365 students
Exploring RPA with ElectroNeek: Automation Technology and To
Rating: 4.1 out of 5 (154 ratings)
3,365 students
Basic definitions of RPA and its role in modern world
How RPA helps fight the routine
Acquaintance with electroNeek Robotics
How RPA-platform electroNeek works
Cases of RPA


  • No special skills or knowledge are required for this course

This course explores basic concept of RPA and how it helps companies and employees all around the world. No special skills or knowledge are required for course participants. "Exploring RPA: what is RPA and how does it work?" will be useful for a wide audience, including businessmen, students, IT-specialists and those willing to learn something new.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is for everyone willing to learn about RPA
7 sections • 7 lectures • 30m total length
  • Welcome to "Exploring RPA" by electroNeek Robotics
  • Quiz #1
  • What RPA is.
  • Quiz #2
  • Getting acquainted with electroNeek Robotics.
  • Quiz #3
  • Case Study of Automated Text Extraction from Scanned Documents with OCR.
  • Case Study of Automated Web Data Extraction.
  • 3 Cases of Automation with ElectroNeek
  • The Future of RPA and What We've Learned.

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ElectroNeek is an RPA platform developer with headquarters in San Francisco and New York, and regional offices and partners around the world.

ElectroNeek builds software for IT teams to develop Unlimited Robotic Process Automation (RPA) workflows for routine business tasks in SaaS and desktop apps. RPA is a technology that is popularly used in large corporations to automate routine tasks - and ElectroNeek wants to make it accessible to the 5+ million businesses that are underserved by the major RPA vendors.

ElectroNeek developed a set of proprietary visual tools that low-skilled IT professionals can use to quickly build traditionally code-heavy RPA steps - like taking data from scanned files to web forms. Unlike other RPA vendors, ElectroNeek lets its customers automate as many processes as they want and run them concurrently, driving scaling costs to $0. This makes RPA affordable for even smaller companies like community banks and startups. On the other hand, corporations that aim to deploy thousands of business bots can use ElectroNeek to dramatically reduce their spending on RPA licenses.

ElectroNeek currently works with banking, insurance, healthcare and startup clients that value its easy to use.